Not sure if it's a date, how should I respond when I don't want to date him? Watch

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I met a guy who I work with at uni (part time in the offices, we do different courses but same department) and although I initially did really like him, I don't anymore and I'm not sure how to proceed. Originally I only talked to him at work, but after we added each other on face book we started talking more on there.

He invited me to go to a uni postgrad open day as he could bring a guest and didn't have anyone else who would be interested in going (I wasn't really, though it was vaguely related to something I'd consider doing, and I liked him so I said yes). I went along and I had a nice day with him, but it made me realize we are better suited as friends then as a couple. Nothing happened during that day, though I do feel like he does like me.

I received a message earlier asking if I wanted to do something after work this week and now I'm not sure how to respond. As nothing has really happened yet, and nothing I would personally class as a date, I don't want it to head in that direction. How do I say no without seeming rude, or how do I say yes without leading him on?

As a note, I don't have any other friends outside of work with him. There are other people at work I talk to, but I'm not particularly close with any of them having only started the job in October. I would be open to making it a group thing, but I wouldn't be sure about how to suggest that either.

Thank you!
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Maybe be like, "sure, mind if I invite a friend along with us?"

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