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Hi people, I am 16 years old and currently work at greggs as a weekend team member. I really don't think this job is for me anymore, I've been there since the end of July this year and I should be signed off for my training now, but they blame that I haven't finished it because I had three days off for my holiday and was off ill one weekend (I have also done extra shifts on weekdays). However they always told me at the start of my shifts "we'll do some training today" then it gets to the end of my shift and they say "we'll do it tomorrow/next week" and it went on. Then they've now told me they have to restart my training because they've introduced a new scheme. So I won't get this pay rise after training now for another 12 weeks... so annoying. The managers aren't really nice at all, the only time they actually talk to me is when they want to critise something I done wrong, and in my review my manager basically put the worst marks for everything apart from that I actually turn up to work, which is ridiculous, it makes me sound awful and it got me upset. There are often times I wake up with a sick feeling in my stomach when I know I'm going into work because I dislike it so much.

I am planning on leaving soon. I don't even know what my notice period is or anything though? The only thing is, I need money for christmas presents so much (else I'd of left long time ago) but should I include the experience in my CV, because I've done a bit of everything in the job and I don't really want to leave out that I have done cash handling/customer service/replenishment etc. as I think it sounds good. Shall I include it in my CV? And also shall I put my manager as a reference if I give her a weeks notice or something or should I leave her out for a reference?

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