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Dear all,

I am a 33-year-old Korean woman settled in the UK and married to a UK citizen.

I came to the UK with my husband in 2012 to do a masters degree in the psychology of education (I was a teacher in Korea) at Bristol Uni- which I completed last year.

However I have now decided that I would like to pursue a career in medicine.

My question is simple: what are my prospects of success for gaining admission to study medicine?

Although I have the Korean equivalent of A-levels with okay grades, I've considered doing A-levels here to boost my chances of getting in. Is this worth doing?

I've also seen some med schools offer access courses or 6 year courses with a preliminary year and wonder if anyone has any experience of this.

Finally, would my age be a problem? I would 35 by the time start, how common is it for students this age to study medicine?

My further academic background (if relevant) as follows:
BA Psychology/ BA English (double major), Seoul (2:1 equivalent)
MEd Psychology of Education, Bristol Uni (Merit)

If anyone can can give me some advice, I would be very grateful

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