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Bear with me as i am really bad at explaining:
The payments i have recived from student finance are fine in itself however they do not cover the cost of my accomidation, this is not necessarly the problem as i work and can make up the rest.
The problem is the amounts that are being paid.
Student finance pays me in 3 aproximatly equal instalments of £1502.2 (varied by about £30) The way in which my accomidation wants to be paid are as such:
1st- £1725.2
3rd- £1089.6
As you can see during the second installment the student loan nowhere near covers it, and i have to somehow find £600 extra by January. On the other hand during the third installment i have over £400 left over which i could really use on the second payment! Is there anyway in which the 2nd and 3rd installmemts can be rearranged to help with this?
I have already asked my Accomidation but they state that the rent is none negotiable.
Thank you in advance
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there.

Our funding is spread out equally throughout the year and set to be paid at the start of each term. We do not normally adjust payment dates as they are automatically set. You can however write to our discretionary payments team who can investigate having manual payments arranged of different amounts if this will cause you financial difficulty. They would ask for evidence such as bank statements from the past 3 months, any debt letters and evidence of obligations which you are liable for. This can be sent to:

Discretionary Payments Team
Student Finance England
Memphis Building
Lingfield Point
PO Box 120

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I don't understand why we have to practicaly beg SFE for money that is already ours, as we are the ones who have to pay it back. I have only asked for 200 pounds out if my loan to be brought forward, so I'm able to travel to uni, and they tell in me I have to wait 2 weeks for a decision, I mean come on, A DECISION!!!😑😑😑... IT'S POINTLESS, wasting my energy on people... it's just like ppl who rely on benefits. .. NOT LETTING THE GOVERNMENT RUN MY LIFE... I said what I had to say, produced as much evidence as I could... it's up to them what the **** they want to do. ..

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