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Roger The Doger
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Hey my sleeping pattern has been totally ruined. Atm I'm sleeping from like 6 am to 8 am and then again from 4 pm till 8 pm. Can anyone tell me how to get back a a normal sleep schedule please!
Anonymous #1
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If you don't feel like you can naturally get back into your sleep pattern... it may be worth taking a natural medicine. I'm not talking about a GP prescription of drugs, just natural tablets.

Visit a Holland & Barrett store or their website before Thursday and buy either one of these products:
- Valerian Root Capsules: Temporary relief for mild symptoms of anxiety & sleep aid
- Lemon Balm Tablets: ^
- Vitamin B Complex: Helps with low mood, stress, insomnia (aka your symptoms). Used for long term prevention.
- Lavender Oil: Can be put onto a cloth then under the pillow cover to aid sleep. Try not to put directly on the pillow because it can stain.

I said before Thursday because their Penny Sale (by one get one for a penny) ends on said day. Off the top of my head, the Lavender Oil & Vitamin B Complex is defiently in the sale.. not too sure about the others.

Also just like to say that its not about wanting to get back into a normal sleep pattern. You can't just magically get back into a normal one. You obviously have an issue causing such symptoms. Whether it be anxiety, stress, low mood... there must be something. But the above products will help with all of the symptoms mentioned in this post.

Many thanks & I hope you find the right product!
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just stay up from 8am until a normal bedtime

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