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In school i was incredibly fortunate to excel in a wide range of subjects, especially the Sciences, Maths, Art and History. When choosing my college options i felt that i had to go for the science options, i did enjoy them but i chose them because i wanted a respected career and people thought of me as too smart to waste my life doing other things. I still chose to continue with my art along with my Biology, Chemistry and Maths because i loved from way back in junior school even before i considered making career decisions.

A Levels where a lot harder than GCSE's and i found that i wasn't as good as myself and my teachers had thought and i ended up with D in Biology, D in Maths, B in Art and Design and D in AS Chemistry. If i was smarter i would have loved to be a surgeon (i'm good with my hands and like studying anatomy and genetics) but i would never be able to study medicine.

I managed to get a place at Chester University studying Biology but after three months i realised that although i loved anatomy and genetics i hated others such as biochemistry and microbiology, i couldn't think of a way to make it into a fun career and would end up bored and writing research papers.

I dropped out of university and got myself an apprenticeship at a dental practice. The apprenticeship was more like something to keep people off the dole rather than actually teaching them anything or creating a career. I found myself scrubbing dental equipment in an attic room working 40hrs a week at £2.68 for six months. During this time i learnt nothing.

I decided that i should look at courses in dentistry so that all my work would not go to waste and found out about a career in Dental technology. Dental technology involves making dentures, crown, bridges etc to prescription written by dentists. I could combine my love of art and science but there where only three universities offering degree courses. In a rush to get out of my apprenticeship i applied to them and got my manager to write a reference so i could quit once i sent my application off.

Today i have just found out that my first choice application was unsuccessful and now i'm panicking. I started to think do i really want to be a dental technician? I loved biology because i liked genetics and anatomy, i'm unsure if i have an interest in healthcare? I think i would hate being locked in a lab repetitively making these structures.

If i was to choose any career in the world i'd be designing buildings, property developing and interior design but now i've gone so far up the science and healthcare path i think it may be too late to turn back.

Courses in interior architecture and design require 280+ Ucas point and i have 250 an I'd have to wait another year to apply to university for a third time! i'd also have to create a portfolio and find another reference. Maybe i could go back to college and do art foundation but then it would be another 2 years before i'd start university, i'd be 22.

I wish when i was in school i didn't go for a career others expected of me or what makes enough money rather than what i would enjoy!

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