I feel like I could deal with my depression if I could deal with these these thoughts Watch

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Last time I felt depressed, I decided to write down all the negative thoughts that came to my head. At this particular point in time, I'm feeling relatively up-beat, but I still can't disagree with the thoughts I've been having. I thought if I posted them here, someone might be able to provide a counter argument that prevents these thoughts getting the better of me.

If we knew the world was going to end in one years time, would we continue building skyscrapers?
So why go to the effort of building a life for yourself when it's inevitably going to end?

Everything we do is just to pass the time whilst we wait for death.

I love other people as individuals, but on a broader scale I feel like the human race is like a colony of ants. We overvalue ourselves - the ability to think does not necessarily make us more important than apes. What makes human life more precious than that of other species?

Consciousness is a curse.

Religion only exists because humans are incapable of dealing with the idea that their lives are objectively meaningless

Human happiness is relative, rather than objective. Therefore, the development of society is pointless, as it is unlikely to effect human happiness. Would it not therefore have been better to have stayed as apes or cavemen?

Why does happiness matter? This sounds like a stupid question, but I cannot answer it. Once you are dead, does it matter whether you were happy whilst alive?

The world only exists from your perspective. Once you cease to exist, so does it.

All life is to you is a series of signals being sent to the brain. The world only exists in your head.

Does a dream matter after you've woken up from it? I feel like dying would be like waking up from a dream.

Some people aren't meant for this life, and that's okay
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We would continue building sky scrapers, to gain what benefits we can and prove what we can in our short remaining lives

Everything we do is what makes the time before death. The more we do, the longer that time will be.

A colony is nothing without the individuals that make it up

I'm afraid I agree about the apes bit and the religion bit

Happiness matters because you are asking someone to dispute your arguments against it

The way human lives intertwine means your world is part of their world, and their world is part of someone else's. The world never ceases to exist, because it exists for so many people. As long as someone is alive, it exists.

Dreams are windows to our subconscious. They are part of us. We matter, so they matter.

Dying is falling asleep, not waking up.

Then people need to make a different life where they do belong. We have control over what life we live

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