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Post your IB subjects and what you want to study at university :)

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HL: Psychology, English A Lang/Lit, Chemistry
SL: Biology, Spanish B, Maths

I'd like to study Psychology!
Danish B

Maths Studies

I really wish I hadn't taken Maths studies, and instead just Maths SL and Biology instead of ESS though. I'm afraid they'll hinder me from getting into PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) at Oxford.
If I can't get into Oxbridge I've got my eyes set on either Edinburgh or Internationall Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School.
HL: English A Language and Literature, Biology, Dutch A Literature, Economics
SL: Business & Management, History, Mathematical Studies

Looking at studying Psychology and Public Health or English Literature. (Or studying Public Health and taking Mental Health as a Major and studying English Literature so that I could still combine all three.)
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HL: Biology, Chemistry, Geography
SL: English, Spanish and Maths

Hoping to start uni in September to study dentistry! (just need to get through these exams now :frown: )
I'll (hopefully) be a May 2018 graduate.
I currently take:
HLs: mathematics, biology, chemistry
SLs: English language and literature A, Spanish B, and psychology

I'm currently looking into biochemical/biomedical courses
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HL: History, Spanish B, English A: Lang & Lit
SL: Hungarian A: Lit, Biology, Mathematics

Depending on my exam history and history of art in Glasgow or Aberdeen (or I failed my maths sl)
I'm taking HL History French German and SL maths chemistry and English; I kind of wish I took a levels so that I could've taken all of these options just not chemistry, as SL maths and English isn't really recognised!
I'm applying to Cambridge French and Russian and also ucl European social and political studies
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HL: English Lit, History and Art
SL: Maths, Physics and Spanish B

I want to study Law!
HL - Physics, Art and English
SL - Maths studies, History and Spanish Abnitio

I want to study architecture at uni but that might change idk

i hate physics tho wish i took chem instead :|
I am starting in September but I am hoping to start;
HL: English Lit. Politics, French, German
SL: Maths, DT
**I might change out one of my language subjects for a humanity though, I haven't decided...
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Original post by rachelabbie
I am starting in September but I am hoping to start;
HL: English Lit. Politics, French, German
SL: Maths, DT
**I might change out one of my language subjects for a humanity though, I haven't decided...

Good luck, I wish my school had of offered politics at IB as it looks really interesting however my school has a small IB cohort (around 32) as offers both IB and A level. Let me know if you have any questions, if you are looking at humanities I take both geography and history at higher and enjoy them both. History is definitely the most challenging of the two and focuses on modern history, the higher topic of geography is interesting as it looks at globalisation in depth, both of them would link well to politics.
HL: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
SL: English Lit & Lang, French, Maths

i aspire to study medicine :biggrin:
Im taking HL History French Maths and SL Spanish English Chemistry
Hoping to study PPE at Oxford!!
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Im currently doing HL-biology,psychology and business
SL-english,french and math studies
Are these subject choices okay to study psychology???
I'll be a 2018 graduate and my subjects are

HLs- Biology, Chemistry, and English Lang/Lit
SLs- French B, Business Management, and Maths Studies

I'm hopefully going to study forensics :smile:
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I'm doing HL - Chem, bio and Geo SL- Arabic, English , maths.

I'm hoping to get into dentistry :smile:
HL PhysicsHL EconomicsHL Design TechnologySL Language and LiteratureSL MathSL Self-taught DutchI'm planning to study product/industrial design!
Original post by azulu
SL: Economics, French ab initio, Polish A

And I'm going for Physics with Astrophysics (if successful for my 1st choice - Bath, it'll be with placements)

Hey! I'm also planning to do physics! Future physics student waving to you x
HL: Chinese A, Physics, Maths
SL: Economics, English B, Chemistry

Doing physics next year, if my plan works out!

I think Maths HL isn't that hard- a 6 is granted as long as you understand the topics. Some practice and you can get 7.
I actually find physics HL and economics SL(Yes, SL!) not that easy because our teachers are confusing as hell!
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Math studies, French AB initio, SL biology
HL English, HL History, HL Art

Hoping to study Nursing!