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Post your IB subjects and what you want to study at university :)

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HL: History, chemistry, biology
SL : spanish ab, maths studies, english
want to do medicine
Original post by LeviosaNight
HL: Eng lit, history, geo
SL: bio, math studies, chinese :s-smilie:

i want to study Eng Lit, and double major or minor in history

hey I want to study english lit too!
HL- English lit, History, Latin
SL- Chem, econ, maths studies
It’s a bit late but I chose
HL: maths, business, film
SL : spanish ab, biology, literature& performance

And i want to study communications and media in university
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HL: Chinese A, math, econ, English BSL: Chemistry, biology'I know 4 HLs, but my school only offers English B in HL.
Hi there :smile:
HL: German, Global Politics, English Lit
SL: Spanish ab, ESS, Maths Studies

Hoping to study German and Politics at uni, fingers crossed !! Best of luck to anyone doing HL sciences or maths :O
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HL: English A, Physics, Econs
SL: Spanish, Psychology, Maths
Regret not taking Maths at HL
Wanna do Sound Engineering .. or Music Tech
HL: Psych, Business, English A Lit
SL: Math, Spanish, Chem

wanting to study psych at uni : )
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HL: History, Geography, English A Lang&Lit
SL: Mathematics, Biology, Spanish ab Initio

I am a second-year IB student and have applied to university for Law:smile:
HL: Modern Greek A Lang & Lit, English B, Psychology
SL: Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics

I want to study Psychology :tongue:
HL English Lit and Lang, Geography, Physics
SL French ab, Math A&A, Chemistry
and Mechanical Engineering :smile:
forgot I ever posted on here,, I’m now in second year at uni so good luck!!
Original post by MSJKSP
HL Maths, Biology, Chemistry
SL Philosophy, English, German

I want to hopefully study Medicine :smile:

HL: Biology, Theatre and English Lit
SL: Latin, Geography and Maths AI

I want to do classics/archelogy at uni but them i want to go to drama school :smile:
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I love about biology currently and considering a career related to i. Biology degrees typically require HL chemistry, which I particularly dont enjoy.

I enjoy geography and am currently studying it for my GCSEs, but I'm also interested in economics and potentially pursuing a business career.
(our school doesnt offer econ GCSE so I have never done econ in my entire life.)

I also love photography, which isn't an option in the IB, so I'm considering doing an A-S or A-Level in it alongside the IB.
My proposed subject choices for the IB are :
HL Bio
HL Chem
HL Econ
SL English Lit and Lang
Maths AA,
SL Italian Abinitio.

Should I take HL maths instead of HL econ? as maths is a requirement for most business related paths instead of econ

Should I choose geography instead of chemistry? because I love geo but I don't love chem but I can tolerate it , What if it minimizes my chances for the future if I want to do something related to bio?

Should I pursue photography at A-S or A-Level?

I have a lot of CCA activities, so I'm not worried about CAS requirements.

HL Biology, Chemistry, Math AA, English B
SL Chinese A Lang & Lit, Geography

want to do either biomedical sciences at UK or medicine in my hometown :smile:
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HL- English Lit, Social and cultural anthropology and Business Management
SL- Maths AA, Biology and Mandarin

I want to study law (preferably commercial)
HL bio, chem, history
SL maths ai (my school didn't offer aa), english lit, german

Applying for medicine