Extremely sore leg from cheer - why? Watch

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So yesterday, I landed repeatedly on my left leg from a cheerleading stunt from a height of 4-5 feet. By repeatedly, I mean, a good 20-40 times. My leg hurt a bit during training but not significantly.

Today I woke up with a limp, I can't rest any weight on my left leg without it cramping up. I have no pain in my knee, ankle or lower leg, it is just mid-upper thigh. It hurts slightly to straighten my leg, but can bend it fine - what I can't do is put weight on it without it twinging terribly.

Don't tell me "go to your GP" - because I do have an appointment booked on Friday(they didn't have any sooner), and I will be bringing it up then - but I don't know if I should expect this limp to wear off, or whether I should do anything such as:

- stretch?
- apply ice?
- apply heat?
- massage the area?

The area does not look bruised or swollen, but the feeling is a bit "jarred", or bruised, and a bit crampy when I put weight on.
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Turns out I have to wait two weeks for an appointment...and it hurts like hell!

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