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Hi all,
I'm currently 18 and completing an apprenticeship in the office at a local medical centre. It is definitely not something I want to do for much longer so once it's finished I'm leaving. I've been floundering around for ideas of what I can do after and hadn't really come up with much, sort of settled on the idea of a dog groomer? And while I love doggys, I don't think it's really me.
Anyway, my grandma was recently diagnosed with the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease and it got me thinking. I've always been interested in Dementia wishing that there was something I could do related to it but I never wanted to do the general carer side of things, I would rather help the families cope and do the reports and what not. Until recently I didn't think there was anything like that but there is!!! Dementia Support Workers. I've looked it up, you need an NVQ level 3 or a qualification in Health and Social Care, which I have, knowledge of dementia, I also have, I did most of my course work units on the elderly and Alzheimer's disease, experience working with the elderly, I used to work in a Care home and means of own transport, I don't have but I'm working on it!
My worry is that by the time I'm ready to do this, I will still be 18 or just turned 19. I'm worried the families will think I'm too young, what does she know?? That sort of thing...
Would be useful to hear what you think and how you would feel if I turned up at your first meeting?

Thank you!!!!
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(Original post by JaneA123)

Thank you!!!!

Is a dementia support worker not supporting those with dementia in aspects of care etc? Or is the role you are looking at strictly dealing with families?
If the family is going through a hard time the last thing they should think about is your age. If you are professional and you are confident in your role then there is no reason why anyone should doubt you because if your age.

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