Interest in property for people who have contributed in the purchase price

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What happens when someone paid some part of the money for buying a property but has not been physically involved in the property. Let's say someone paid the quarter of the property price, and was granted a beneficial interest by the seller who has also contributed to the quarter of the price.

Also, is there a time limit of how long you need to be physically in the land to have a valid interest in it?

What if one of the quarter paid person sells the property and all those 3 other payers want an interest and have been living at that property for some time. How long must they have been living there for, is there a limit or just paying a quarter of the property an equitable interest?

How do I find the relevant information for these questions, I can't get my head around he statute's. Do I need to know all the rules in statute's order to apply them effectively? or do I need common knowledge of land law too? Is everything based on statues and the cases?
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