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hey every1
i was just wondering about the clearing process.
i have an offer from QMUL for the biomedical sciences course...and im still waiting for a reply form KINGS so obviously i cant accept after all decisions are made...so i called UCAS and asked when is the deadline and she said first week of july...so my question is...

if i accept my offer, then in the clearing process i find my course that i want...will i still be able to join in the course i want...
becuz i called UCAS and she said..i have to ask the univeristy tht i accepted the offer form to 'RELEASE' me.....then i can...

but wht if the university asks for my CEF thing.....wht do i doo in tht case? becuz the UCAS person said in clearing there is going to be places for medicine for international students only..

and im going to receive my marks...in july..so i can i call around unis b4 clearing to see if they will offer me a place??

please let me know...becuz im not used to the system since i am an international student...

thanks in advance.
*cat eyes*
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