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A Full Length Mirror In Rooms?

I know it's a really girly question, but does anyone know if there's a full length mirror in the rooms in halls? Or do you just get a small face one? I'm in Whiteknights by the way. Thanks!
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I've got a small face one and a fairly decent sized one over my sink.
But I have an odd room :-)
There won't be a really tall one, but the one above my sink is good, you might get one like that.
Student working at the Cole Museum
University of Reading
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There probably won't be a full lenght one so you might have to bring your own.
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It's a pretty good idea to take your own or get a nice cheap one from ikea if you need a full lengthie.

But be warned - every girl within a 10 room radius will be coming into your pad to use it...

...In fact, I really need to get me a full length mirror!
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i may just take my full length mirror up in the car & if there's already one in my room then my mum can take it back home! xx
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Nice idea. Might have to steal it (er.. the idea, not the mirror!)
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ha ha feel free :smile:
its good i checked this thread..if i come to reading in oct im definatley bringing a full length mirror!
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Generally on the inside of the inbuilt wardrobes there's a mirror which is bigger than the one over the sink.

In my experience (Windsor/Wells), this was the case anyway.

It's not 100% full length, but it's pretty close. Full if you're a midget :wink:
There's an almost full-length mirror in the in-built wardrobes at Bulmershe, and there's one over the sink in the bathroom, and if you lean at the correct angle, you can kind of see your trousers...