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any comparative points of how manipulation is presented in Othello and Macbeth
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Hey, when i did my English literature CA I compared Macbeth to 2 poems so i cant give you help on Othello but ill give you some tips on Macbeth.

Both start their plays as well-respected decorated soldiers known for their bravery and honour. Both are plotted against/manipulated - Macbeth by the three witches, Othello by Iago. Both have a tragic flaw which ultimately leads to their downfall - Macbeth and his ambition, Othello and his jealousy. Both end up committing murder. Both end up dead at the end of the play.

Lady Macbeth shows great power and control over Macbeth during Act 1 Scene 7. This is shown through the text, writing style and structure. After the soliloquy Macbeth was confident that he will not continue with the plan of killing the king. However by the end of the scene the dominating character, Lady Macbeth had persuaded Macbeth to stick with the plan. This already gives the reader a sense of how manipulating Lady Macbeth really is towards Macbeth.

To begin with by looking at the writing structure of Act 1 Scene 7 we can see that Lady Macbeth has more to say than Macbeth. Lady Macbeths dialogue is usually long paragraphs were as Macbeth only replies with short basic sentences. This tells us that Lady Macbeth doesn’t allow Macbeth to give his opinion a lot but she believes her choices and opinions are important therefore she should be able to explain them. This also shows that Lady Macbeth has a lot of power over Macbeth and that Macbeth follows and does whatever Lady Macbeth says.

Dunno whether or not you were exactly looking for this but i hope it helps
Also check out this link:

http://newpaltzshakespeare.wordpress.co m/category/manipulation/

Thanks - rep me if this helpful


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