Is it a disadvantage to applying social policy and criminology course with Psy PS? Watch

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Hi, I am an international student.
and I am really interested in Social Psychology and Criminology.

I want to study social policy and criminology at LSE.
But, you know, the majority of university does not offer that course.
And also, LSE has social psychology options but they didn't offer single bachelor's course.

So, I write my personal statement concentrates on social psychology and criminology course.

Is it a disadvantage to applying Social policy and criminology course and submit Social Psychology and Criminology Personal statement?
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Obviously a Social Policy and Criminology personal statement would be ideal for a social policy and criminology course. However, admissions tutors should understand that people often apply for a variety of (usually) related courses, so I doubt that a PS on Social Psychology and and Criminology would massively harm your chances. If you find a way of incorporating aspects of both courses, that may be best. Is just one course which is Social Policy and Criminology, and the others are Social Psychology and and Criminology?

Just for the record, I applied for Maths and Philosophy at four unis and Maths (with a year abroad) at a fifth. My PS was completely focused on Maths and Philosophy with no mention of the languages I'm studying, nor of wanting to spend time abroad. My offer for Maths with a year abroad came through a couple of days ago, so having a slightly unrelated PS clearly didn't harm my application there

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