The whole immigration issue

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Is there any truth to the idea of the "dilution of British culture"? If so surely the government should be fingered as opposed to the "thieving workshy immigrants".

When did the British notion of multiculturality actually emerge and is it realistic or does it create more racial tension.

Finally, how do you respond to the propostion that America is just a European outpost with nominal ethnic citizens?

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I don't think that British culture is being diluted. I just think that there are some different cultures living side by side now, and sometimes they don't mix, and sometimes they clash. A lot of migrants fit in quite nicely, but when you get areas that are mono-cultural, I guess that there is not a huge incentive to try see what other cultures are around... It doesn't help when the media goes on about "Muslims want to ban Christmas" etc, which isn't even true.

I'm not sure when the whole multicultural thing emerged, but it's not working as well as it might have. There's nothing wrong with people maintaining cultural traditions (so long as they aren't harmful to anyone), but I do think that when a person moves to a different country, and wants to make that country their home, some attempt at embracing that country and its culture should be made. That would go some way towards alleviating tensions, I think.

As to your last question, I have no idea how to answer that...

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