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Best Halls of Residence? (The Big Accommodation Choices Thread)

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If you want little communities I suggest any in the Victoria Park campus.
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University of Manchester
Do you get a confirmation email once you apply for accomodation online??
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Hope not, cos I certainly didn't!!
I didn't either.
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i got in for an english/drama combined course, and really don't have a clue where to choose for accomodation.

what do you reckon? i'm looking for the whole feeling like a little community aspect; the only thing that worries me about manchester is how big it all is


i do drama, and i'm in Pankhurst Court in Victoria Park.

to be honest, if i had my choice again i would deffo choose to be in Fallowfield, especially from a Drama student point of view. In first year there 1/3 of the work you do is group work. The majority of accomodation is in fallowfield, so you will find that most of your group live there, hence, that is where rehearsals take place, its such a faff if you dont live in fallowfield to be trapsing back and forth to rehearsals, especially from somewhere like Pankhurst.

If you were looking at a hall like Pankhurst, Cantabury Court or Burkhardt then apply to Richmond Park, as its very similar but in Fallowfield, so much more handy!! otherwise Shevyn is also great.

ones to avoid would be Oak House and Owens Park, mainly just because of noise and fire alarms, lots of friends who live there always look tired in morning lectures!

just my opinions thought.

see you in drama next year then!


PS: don't be daunted by the size, you will very quickly find that you are part of a very select microcosm! be that within your hall or within drama!
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My choises were

1. Richmond Park
2. Burkhardt House
3. Sheavyn House

Hard choise and I don't even know if I did the right one :biggrin:

A haaaa, you have the same choices as me, except mine are in a different order
1)Sheavyn House
2)Burkhardt House
3)Richmond Park

Any comments on the above halls would be appreciated!!
Hi, I'm thinking of applying to sheavyn, richmond and weston, but have no idea about the order! can anyone help? any other advice about accommodation?
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Well you can't really go wrong with Sheavyn as a first place, then you need to decide between Richmond and Weston, if you put Richmond there must be a good chance you'll get in as it has loads of places.
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Just wondering if anyone has or knows someone who has lived in Ladybarn House?

Have put it as my first choice as it states it quiet and im on a demanding course but i dont want it to be lights out at 7pm !!
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Hi there, Been to look at a few halls of residence and intend putting Whitworth Park down as first choice as I like the set up/location. If there is any extra info you can give me , i'd really appreciate it. I did hear that crime was a bit of a problem around that area - is this rumour or fact. Not that I would change my mind about having WP as my first choice.

Cheers John
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I've lived in Whitworth for 3 years now. Crime isn't really a problem, its people being stupid.
If you get a ground floor room and leaVE you're window open with your laptop and mobile on the desk, yeah, someone will steal it. I'd be tempted :p:
but there's security here 24/7, so if any randoms wander in, chances are they'll be caught and chucked out within 10 mins.
Like i said, since i have lived here i cant really remember any serious crime, except in Freshers Week when people move in and leave their flat doors and room doors open, then its just opportunitists making the most of it.
Hope you get in, cos it really is the best halls :smile:
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I have to agree with everything ^^^ says, there is no crime that I can report, so I dont know where that info is from. There are big massive gates at both enternces to WP, and everyone in WP has a fob - no1 else does so thats secure, and 24/7 security guys there too.

Im glad I chose WP, its by fair the cheapest, safest and closest to most buildings!
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Hi everyone,
I've applied for accoommodation already but after reading this thread, I'm a little worried that I've made the wrong decision.
1. Sheavyn
2. Richmond
3. Oak
The reason i put sheavyn 1st is because it says on the website that there are rooms put aside for mature sudents and i also wanted en-suite and sc, but now im not so bothered. I will be 21 in september when i start but I don't feel like it at all. I think i would have a great time in OP, but just wondering, is there anyone who is applying to OP, who has had a gap year or will be older than 18 when they start?
Also, is anyone doing BA Geography?? Should be good with the residential field trip even before freshers!!
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Which is the best accommodation for an international undergraduate student which subject is Architecture.
Somebody that likes its own space and likes a clean spaces and of course to be organize.
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i'm going to do medchem (the 4yr masters 1), so what would be the best accommodation for me? i would prefer one with en suite loo if not shower, gd kitchen, a good bar, close to the centre/clubs, and if possible close to the chemistry buildings.
I dunno about the chemistry building...but in terms of the other criteria, Owens Park has its own famous bar, whereas many other halls are ensuite. It's really your choice to be honest. Nowhere I can think has both an awesome bar on site and ensuite, but really in fallowfield there are countless bars, as with the city centre. And victoria park has the Rampant Lion nearby, which is quite a legendary place (and will be my primary watering hole next year!) :biggrin:
Can somebody please help me decide between Oak House & Richmond for my 1st choice? :confused:

For those of you who live in Oak House/ Owens Park, how bad is it not having en-suite? Haw many people are there to a bathroom? I would really like en-suite but have heard Oak House is more fun & sociable...

And has anyone taken a car? How many parking spaces are there?
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Does anyone know if all of OP is single sex floors??
it says on the accomm website that it is but on wikipedia (randomly on there) it says that everything but the tower is single sex floors.
Plus, how big are the rooms and how many people share a bathroom and is it smoking?
12 people to a bathroom
smoking in room
single sex floors
little kitchen
common room

Thats the tower.
Hey guys I'm going to Manchester next year and I need to apply for accommodation. I want to be in catered, Fallowfiled accommodation so this makes my choice quite easy. There are four options: Owen's Park, Woolton, Allen or Ashburne. I'm thinking maybe Owen's Park is a bit slummy so I think I'll put Woolton, Allen and Ashburne down. Which order should I put them in? Is there anything I should know about these halls that would mean maybe I shouldn't put them? Should I substitute one of those three for Owen's Park?

So confused...maybe I should put them in a random order...I think maybe I'll put:

1. Allen
2. Ashburne
3. Woolton

But does anyone else have anything to say about any of these halls?