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I had an interview at John Lewis in Ipswich today. Well I am writing this message because the posts that had been made in this website helped me a lot to face the interview.
First off all, I went to the customer service desk and signed me in. There were already other 3 people waiting for the interview. I waited for couple of minutes for others to arrive. I was 20 minutes early. In my e-mail they said to be there before 15 minutes. They took all of us to the interview room. As we entered the room there was other 3 people who had already their interview and we went there for our group assessment.
Our task was to choose a table for customers. We were given 2 customers, they had different requirements and we had to choose the right one for each one. There is time limit for each section. One of the assessors will read out the whole scenario and following that you will be given 5 minutes to read it by yourself and make any notes. For example customer 1 needs white and large table. So you have to look up a product that matches the requirements.
Anyway, we sat down and started our assessment. One of the assessors started to take us through the tasks that we need to do, by reading the criteria’s’ from a booklet. The task was to choose the right product for the customer. You will be given couple of laminated sheets which has the information of different products. You will be also given a sheet with customer requirements. According to the requirements given you have to choose the right product for the customer. You have to discuss it with your group which product that we are going for and our assessor came up to us and acted as the customer. The whole process took roughly 3 minutes. After the assessment we were given a sheet to fill up, which includes the personal information and the availability.
I was taken back to the interview room after couple of minutes. This is the chance to showcase you. I am going to list some of the questions they asked me
i) Why do you want to work for John Lewis
ii) How do you take feedback from others
iii) How do you respond to change? (You could take examples from your life)
I think I did well. Watching the show apprentice helped me through the process.
• You have to do research about John Lewis. You can find out about them from their website.
• Dress smart. I wore a nice shirt and a pant.
• Check out YouTube clips before you got to the interview. The clips I looked upon was how to sell a product, how to dress for an interview, how to self-introduce yourself and so on.
Good luck to anyone who is preparing for an interview/assessment.
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Could go in the 'careers and jobs' section, but yeah sounds like pretty good advice, i found posts on ere and other websites is really helpful prior to interviews
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yes you're right and thank you. There are so many websites out there where you could look up information about interviews.

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