If we were to legalise psychadelics

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Would ending the prohibition of psychedelics be a viable alternative to the total legalisation of all drugs?

EDIT: Its unlikely that this would lead to a consciousness shift. Its more likely that these drugs would be absorbed into the commercial superstructure. They would be packaged marketed branded and sold like any other product. Some marketing strategies would target the New Age with vague fluffy intimations of vibrations and alternate realities for instance. It would provide corporations with the means to seize hold of the spiritual dimension. This all presupposes that psychedelics are a substitute for a dedicated spiritual practice. I would argue that they are likely candidates for a future market-driven contemporary spirituality which could be strictly separated from the business of life. A pill would provide the break from reality complete with extreme abstraction and the user could then return to their pragmatic existence. They might alternatively be taken more regularly and be woven into the fabric of our relations to the market, politics, culture and society leading to the ideal conditions for government control. Spirituality should be communion with the Divine and should lead to universal and communicable truths.
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Would ending the prohibition of psychedelics be a viable alternative to the total legalisation of all drugs?

Personally I think that giving the population access to profoundly conscious altering substances such as LSD could potentially create a shift (however subtle) in national consciousness.

The drugs of choice at the moment all perpetuate the status quo. Alcohol caffeine tobacco and tv ;-) are all ingrained into the fabric of our society and do nothing to stimulate deeper or exploratory thought.

Perhaps im overestimating the effects of these drugs but over a few generations we could potentially raise the level of the collective consciousness hopefully by getting people out of the social media mediated hive mind mentality.
I think the research conducted into the potential medical uses of psychedelics is fascinating; this website in particular details some of the findings - http://www.salon.com/2014/04/15/6_fa..._mind_partner/

However, I can't say that I see such substances as being the answer to provoking 'deeper or exploratory thought' in the future. In fact, I'm somewhat worried about how far this research can go. Not to mention the animals that are undoubtedly suffering for this purpose.

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