Your thoughts on the 'alpha male' evolutionary model applied to humans

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(including women)

1. Apparently 'alpha male' wolves do not exist in the wilderness. A pack hierarchy only forms when the wolves feel threatened in an abnormal environment, i.e. when they are born and raised in captivity. (Can someone substantiate this claim or challenge it?)

2. Experiments promoting this idea of a genetic social hierarchy have proven to be ethically challenging. Hitler misappropriated Nieztsche's concept of the Ubermensch (Superman) to promote already latent anti-Semitism and prejudice against social minorities. Effectivel he argued that Aryans were 'alpha' and Jews, the elderly, sick, disabled, homosexual, the mentally ill and the Roma were 'beta'. (I would assume he included black and Asian people although I have not found a record of this in Nazi Germany, and Japan's elite was similarly right-wing in ideology at the time of WWII hence its presence in the Axis Powers). We all know how that one ended!* **

3. In contemporary society the actual use of the term 'alpha' is ridiculed outside of the Internet and in particular the BB Misc or pick-up artist forums. Quite simply no-one gives a ****. However, we still see evidence of it in stock types such as the hunk on campus, the 'bad boy' players, and the dashing successful entrepreneur. So to deny that it exists seems a tad naive, although it will never be enforced with such zeal as seen under the Nazi regime.

Your thoughts? What do actual evolutionary biologists and evo-psychs make of what is apparently tripe?

*Eugenics and the Holocaust
**With deepest respect to veterans of WWII and victims of the Holocaust and related tragedies.
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Well, I'm not a evolutionary biologist or evo-psych and I don't know what they make of it, but I think that the Alpha/beta tripe is indeed just that - tripe. Human society is far too complex for this theory to stand up and be counted. The hunk on campus, the dashing entrepreneur, they will attract some people, perhaps more than others, but a large amount of people will be left cold by them.

What classes as an alpha anyway? Many people would come up with many different answers. A guy who goes out, gets drunk, and gets intro scraps to show how hard he is might be admired by some, but others will think he's a stupid (insert rude term here). Some would consider professor Stephen Hawking an alpha, for his genius, yet others would feel that he doesn't fit the norm... whatever that is.

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