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RGU v.s Aberdeen Uni

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I thought that the pharmacy department in the town centre looked very good, they had a pretend pharmacy bit where you can take part in role-play as in a customer coming in with an ailment etc and you prescribing something suitable. Should be good practice for the job at the end.
Moot Law Court, Robert Gordon University
Robert Gordon University
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really?! lol that sounds really good actually. Better hope you have a smallish class though
RGU all the way for engineering! :biggrin:
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RGU all the way for engineering! :biggrin:

i've got a friend doing engineering at RGU next year, did you go to the open day?
i've got a friend doing engineering at RGU next year, did you go to the open day?

yeah i did
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haha yeah, i know you did now, believe you may have met her? :p:
really what does she look like i might be able to tell you. lol
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she's very random, you defo couldn't miss her... :p:
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RGU was made a University in 1992.

Aberdeen wins EVERY time.
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Well I'm going to RGU which I'm fairly happy about, but that's because I get right into 3rd year with my HND, and Aberdeen don't do the type of course I want. Academically speaking, Aberdeen is clearly better. However, RGU have better facilities. And it's right across the road from my Granda's house so I can skip across for my lunch. Hah.
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Chase Me
RGU have better facilities.

For example?
Overall Aberdeen is a better university, but it has had hundreds of years to get to the stage that it is at. RGU has gotten to where it is in 15 years - give it a few hundred years and I’m sure that RGU will have improved greatly.

The 2007 Times Good University Guide (most recent publication of the respected university league table) only places RGU and Aberdeen 20 places apart (Aberdeen 36 and RGU 56) in a table of 109 institutions. In terms of gradate prospects RGU is rated higher that the University of Aberdeen (again the source is the Times good university guide). Aberdeen has a better student:staff ratio than RGU does.

Examining the League table would lead one to believe that both institutions have their strong points and their weak points. At the end of the day it is down to personal choice and sometime snobbery. I had the chance of going to an ancient (Glasgow) or a new (RGU) university and chose the new university over the ancient because I felt that I would have had a much better experience at RGU than at Glasgow.
I had a choice between Strathclyde and RGU for pharmacy and at the end of the day, RGU has a good graduate employment rate which is what you need at the end of the day isnt it? There's no point doing a 4 year degree and then not being able to find work easily!
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Nooooooooooo! You could have gone to Glasgow !?!?
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Basically eluding to what Danielle said;

You want a degree on it's own merits and to gain a richer cultural and learning experience - then Aberdeen.

You want an almost guaranteed job afterwards - then RGU.

RGU also has the placement scheme in 3rd year (on my course anyways) so that decided it for me.

Really depends on what you're doing and what sort of things you go for I suppose.
Classic, Theodore.
Nooooooooooo! You could have gone to Glasgow !?!?

Very glad i decided aberdeen now what with all the explosive cars and killer doctors.....
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Oh come on, that was a one off and could just have easily happened in any city, not that i'm trying to scare anyone.
It wasnt just that, I prefer Aberdeen as a city to be honest. Plus Strathclyde is apparently better for pharmacy if you want to go into the lab work, whereas RGU is much better for gaining the experience of working in a shop pharmacy which is what I want to do.

Id heard stories of people doing a degree at Strathclyde being rejected for jobs in favour of those with degrees from RGU. Might not be true but Id rather go to RGU anyway.
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Fair enough. Good luck on your course at RGU then :biggrin:
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I'm currently at Grays School of Art at RGU... Aberdeen doesn't have an art school. There's one bonus.

My opinion of Aberdeen Uni so far is that it's full of stuck up snobs who sit in doors all day dreaming of their exam date. At RGU we're a lot more laid back and like to party hard. My mate at ABDN had to come to me any time he wanted to go out due to that fact his mates were too busy studying. We both passed first year.

So basically, if you want to be a recluse and have no social life whatsoever then Aberdeen is the place to be. If you want a nice modern laid back uni and experience the true student lifestyle then RGU is the place to go.