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I absolutely hate my course at college, and I was thinking about taking the rest of the year off and then picking some other A-levels, but then I realised that To get into any A-Level, you need an average point score of 5.0, 5.5 or 5.75, and mine is all the way down at 5.16 (despite having B grades in maths and photography and C grades in English language, Chemistry and physics).

Do you know any colleges/sixth forms in south west-central/south east-central London that would still be okay bringing in a student now, or would at least consider it? Or do you guys only work on your GCSE's until end of 2014/early 2015?

For those of you that don't know, the average point score is calculated as shown below;

A*= 8.0 points
A = 7.0 points
B = 6.0 points
C = 5.0 points
D = 4.0 points
E = 3.0 points
F = 2.0 points
G = 1.0 points

(the point value of your top 6 grades) / (the amount of grades you're dividing by)

mine go's like this;

(6 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 4) / 6 = 5.16666666667

My target average points I would want to achieve is 5.5 if I were to retake any GCSE's for the remainder of this year. All I would theoretically need to do is either

- Convert 2 of my C grade subjects to B grades

- Convert 1 C grade subject to B grade and 1 D grade subject to C grade

- Convert 1 of my B grade subjects into an A* grade

Knowing this information, Which route do you think would be better to take? keep in mind that doing 2 subjects would half the amount of time I can spend on a single subject.

Advice is much appreciated, thank you
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Well I completed Year 11 didn't like the limiting so I'm retaking.

If I do what you just did I get 4.75 and I'm currently doing GCSE Higher Tier Maths/Functional Skills L1/2 English AND GCSE Higher Tier English Lang and Lit upto a B then combined science at A* and Co-ordinated Science at A*A* which is about 8.0 (A) and would boost me up so this is my advise.

Redo GCSE English/Math after they do your test like I got told I was Entry Level 3 for English (lacking in KS3) and Level 1 in Maths boosting to Level 2 in both. Boosting GCSE English/Math to B/A would increase then pick the subject you want to do in future redo it at home study (wolsey hall oxford I'll recommend) and get A*s in it and would slowly progress from that 5.14 to 7.0 then progress on to A-Level (I always though of this if you go a little higher then minium it will be worth it as you would have a solid level for A-Level preparation.

Hope this helps.

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