How to achieve the best grades possible (A*A*A*-AAA) from poorer AS results Watch

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Hello guys, so we are in the thick of A2 now and was just wondering when to start revising and the best methods in doing so. At the moment I go to lessons, do some notes at lunch, come home, start work at 18:00, eat at 20:00 work till 21:00 (so roughly 3 hours after school plus half an hour at lunch of extra work from classwork.

I'm not convinced that making notes is the most efficient way of doing the best in an exam and so am trying to balance this with relevant exam practice.

Anyway for you guys who got A*AA (and better) how did you work throughout your year to achieve what you got.
For AS I got BBCC in math phy chem bio, and dropped bio. I'm left with 4 resits (chem1 chem2 c1 phya1) and am trying to balance these with my current workload. I really want to get at least AAA and believe its possible with hard work and motiviation and am working very hard at the beginning of this year (had 3 tests so far and got >88% in all). I'm not applying this year as want to go to a top uni to study something economics related (like bms at lse-which requires aaa) and believe this is possible if I can manufacture A*AA out of my soul and possibly take fm in my gap year.

How exactly would I go by achieving this, thank you
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I started my revision a lot earlier than recommended. Like they say you should start at least 2 months before but I basically started it right from the start. I did a lot of essay writing and gave them to my teachers to mark and would do them in timed conditions too. Everyone has different methods of how to study, I'm someone who talks to myself - that's how I do it. Just find your best method and stick to it but try different types so you don't get bored. And if you get stuck, ask for help. Use feedback to your advantage, good luck
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I don't do these subjects but I have friends that do and they often turn our group chat into a study group to go over homework and revise and it seems very effective, 2 of them are predicted A's and A*s and they used this method last year too.

A group of people to study with in this way seems very effective, teaching other people the things you're learning is also helpful as it lets you go over what you've learnt and they'll ask questions

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