GCSE History Source on the Manchurian Crisis

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I'm really struggling with answering a GCSE History (AQA paper 1) source question Image It says:

For some years unpleasant incidents have taken place in the region of Manchuria where Japan has special trade interests and treaty rights. The area has been subject to the raids of Chinese bandits and in September a detachment of Chinese troops destroyed the tracks of the south Manchurian railway near Mukden and murdered Japanese guards. The Japanese army had to act swiftly to restore order. Written by the Japanese government.

I have to point out whether it is biased or not, what is accurate and reliable, what isn't accurate and reliable and an overall opinion. I'm not asking for people to do the work for me, but a few ideas and pointers would be really helpful. Image
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Do you also have the date of the source? That might also help you look at the accuracy. If it was written at the time, then it may be a lot more accurate than something that was written in later on. Also, if it was from the Japanese government, then they would naturally be quite biased, defending their own actions. They might be trying to put blame on the Chinese. Also, have a look at the sort of the language they use. Is it persuasive, or emotive? If you want any more pointers feel free to ask, or send me a message. I'd be happy to help. Manchuria wasn't my favorite topic and I was on the OCR board, but I did get an A in GCSE with full marks on the source paper.

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