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hi Im filling out the Mcdonalds application and im up to the Situational Judgment Test but need some help with it plz.Ive Posted Them All to compare the onces with mine and the ones im stuck with.
Thank you very much

1) A new member of the team asks you for the third time about a work procedure. What do you do?

A)Give the colleague the information and inform your manager about this situation
B)Advise your colleague to ask the manager for more training.
C)Tell your colleague the information they require and reiterate that this is the third time you have told them

2)You are working on the 'Drive-thru' and whilst checking a customers order before you hand it to them, you notice that it is incorrect. This is now the third order today that has been wrong. It's really busy and there is a queue of cars waiting for their orders. What would you do?

A)Inform the kitchen staff about the incorrect orders and ask them to get the orders right as they're causing delays.
B)You realise that its busy so you double check each order as they come through to you.
C)Make the manager aware of the incorrect order, so they can monitor the situation for the rest of the shift.

3)You have just come to the end of a really busy shift and you are working in the dining area. As well as working your usual hours for the day, your manager has asked you to stay an extra 30 minutes to cover for someone who was running late. You have now finished and as you walk through the dining area to go to the staff room to get your bag to leave, you hear a customer complain that they are unhappy with their Big Mac. What would you do?

A)Go and ask your colleague who has just come on shift to pick up with the customer.
B)Approach the customer and ask if you can help with anything.
C)Recommend to the customer to go back up to the counter and ask for another one.

4)You are working on the till and a customer orders a Big Mac and fries. You put the order through the till and ask for the money at which point the customer hands over a voucher for a discounted Big Mac and fries offer. You notice that the voucher expired two weeks ago. What do you do?

A)Accept the voucher as they may leave the restaurant unhappy and not purchase anything.
B)Explain that the voucher has expired but inform them of the other offers that are available today.
C)Politely explain to the customer that you cannot accept the voucher as it has expired

5)You have been working at McDonald's for two weeks now and your manager has given you feedback that you need to improve your speed at serving the customers, you have been working long hours to help out and have been doing your best. How do you respond?
A)Ask the manager to plan time in to help you improve your speed and efficiency.
B)Tell the manager that you are new to the role and are confident that you'll get quicker with time.
C)Try to watch other crew members to learn how they do it to see if you can do anything differently.

6)You are working on the till and a customer pushes to the front of the queue. You are currently serving another customer. They say that they are in a rush and only have a small order that won't take long. What would you do?
A)Ask the customer you are serving if they would mind and then take the order.
B)As they are in a rush, tell them that you will take their order as soon as you have finished with your current customer.
C)Explain to the customer that they will need to join the back of the queue as it would be unfair to those that have been waiting.

7)You are working on the till during a really busy Thursday lunchtime. There are lots of customers waiting to be served in your queue when the manager tells you that you need to speed up as your customers are waiting longer than at the other tills. You feel that you are working flat out. How would you respond?
A)Tell the manager that it's really busy and you're working as fast as you can and that they could help you out if they wanted to.
B)Try and hurry up by observing how your colleagues are handling the rush and do the same as them.
C)Ask the manager to help get some of the food orders out so you can continue taking orders for those waiting in the queue.

8)You are working in the dining area when you notice a customer in a wheelchair with a tray of food. It is very busy and you are working hard to try and clear the tables. There are no tables currently available. What would you do?
A)Look around the dining area for a customer that has nearly finished, approach them and ask them if they would mind moving.
B)Refrain from intervening, as you're sure another customer will move seats to help them out.
C)Approach the customer and tell them that you will make sure that they get the next table that becomes available.

9)You are working in the kitchen and the busy lunch rush has just finished. There are no customers at present. What do you do?
A)Take the opportunity to have a breather as it's been really busy so far.
B)Take the opportunity to stock up the kitchen and ensure it's clean and tidy.
C)Ask if any of the other areas need help while you are not busy.

10)You are on the bus to work and due to start your shift at 9am, but the bus is stuck in a traffic jam and you estimate that you will be at least 15 minutes late now. Your phone battery is on critical, as you didn't charge it last night. What do you do?
A)Try to call the restaurant before your battery dies and ask them to let the manager know.
B)Quickly send a text to a friend who is already at work and ask them to let the manager know of the situation.
C)When you arrive at work, find the manager and offer to stay after your shift ends to make up the time.

11)A new manager has started at the restaurant where you work and one of your colleagues is planning to play a practical joke on them and has asked you to join in. You only started working at the restaurant a week ago yourself. How would you respond?
A)Join in as it is only harmless fun and you may make some good friends.
B)Tell the new manager that some of the staff are planning to play a practical joke on them.
C)Tell your colleague that you don’t think it’s the right thing to be doing to a new manager even if it is just for fun.

12)You are working in the dining area and it's a really busy shift. As soon as you clear and clean the tables another customer sits down. You have asked the manager to send someone to help out so you can clear the tables quicker for the customers waiting. The manager sends someone to help but you notice that they aren't helping and are talking to their friends at a table. What would you do?
A)Take them to one side and remind them that they are there to help you and the customers and you really need them to start clearing and cleaning tables.
B)Ignore it and continue by yourself; you're sure they will help once they have finished talking to their friends.
C)Go and speak to the manager and tell them that the person isn't doing anything apart from talking to their friends and ask them to deal with it.

13)You are working a Friday evening shift and are due to finish at 8pm. Someone phones in sick for the next shift and your manager has asked you to stay for an extra two hours so that they have time to find a replacement. You have plans to meet friends. What would you do?
A)Explain that you can't stay on this occasion because of plans you have already made and you don't want to be late.
B)Stay on until the manager finds a replacement, you can catch up with your friends a bit later.
C)Compromise and say you can stay for an extra 30 minutes but then have to leave as you have already made plans.

14)A couple of days ago you had an argument with a colleague because they arrived late for work, which meant that you had to stay behind and help until they arrived. You are both working the same shift today and you have just arrived. On your way into the staff room, they exit and you say 'hello' but they ignore you. What would you do in this situation?
A)As soon as you can, approach your colleague and try and work things out.
B)Adopt the same attitude, if they are going to ignore you, then you'll ignore them too.
C)Pretend that the argument didn't happen and try to make conversation with them .

15)You are working in the kitchen and notice a colleague using the same tongs for meat, egg and pork products. The procedure is to use separate tongs for each of these products. What do you do?
A)Tell the manager and let them follow it up with your colleague.
B)Take them to the side and remind them of the procedure, explaining it's for ethical and safety reasons.
C)Don’t do anything about it, as it's up to the manager to explain the ethical and safety reasons to them.

16)You have just started your shift when your manager asks you to deal with a toilet that is blocked and dirty. You don't normally work in the dining area but the manager explains that a customer has just complained about it and there is no one free to deal with it at the moment as the restaurant is busy. What would you do?
A)Ask the manager to get the person whose responsibility it is to do it.
B)Agree to help out on this occasion, even though you're not working in the dining area.
C)Refuse to clean it as you're not working in the dining area.

17)It's the first day for a new team member and they are working on the till next to you. It's lunchtime and it's really busy, you can see that they are struggling to provide a speedy service to the customers in their queue and a few customers look like they are starting to get impatient. What would you do in this situation?
A)Inform the manager that the new team member needs assistance with getting the orders out.
B)Give them a smile of encouragement and tell them that they'll soon get quicker.
C)Whilst you are collecting food orders for your customers, offer to help them out by collecting the food orders for their customers as well.
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Ehm It's what you think is right.
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what are the right answers?
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Doing your job and maintaining your area is the most important and everyone is expected to have some sort of leadership e.g with the drive thru you could tell your manager or take control and make sure other staff are doing things properly, only when your area is completely fine should you help another department unless told so by your manager. That applies to all the questions and should help you get the right answer
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I need answer ,where is it?
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ANSWERS❤️1)C2)A3)B4)B5)C6)C7 )B8)A9)C10)A11)A12A13)B14)A15B16 )B17)CAdd my Snapchat if u want aswell lol @nushlike2

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