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Top Gun sound track now you got my full attention!!!!! I asked for none smoking and have left the rest up for luck. Mind you I dont have a lot of it. My door of course will be wedged open in the hope of offering cups of Tea or coffee. I have had two letters full of equipment to buy for my course and letters about the first week (including a trip on the friday)!!!! but other than that and the doctors information Absolutly nothing. Here's to hoping we find out tommrow.


hahahaha :biggrin:, Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone, will be playing for sure :wink:

I must have read the pack wrong lol tbh, ive justed glanced over the info - maybe i should actually read it fully :rolleyes:

only thing i dont like so far is the fact that i have to spend silly amount of money on a set of headphones for my course, but oh wells :frown:
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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Well Im sure I will find you as Top gun will probably be playing out of my stereo. Danger zone aint always the best but its a good start. Hope to meet you DominicS, you sound like a good laugh. My rents are forcing me to read everything because Im a cupboard blonde so it sometimes takes a while for things to settle in.
yeh i really need to read everything ... my rents are making me too! i still need to buy so much for the kitchen and room - do they have a kettle in Storthes Hall kitchens already or anything else so i know what i need to get?

Anna xxx
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i have read in the contract that we cant take anything electrical into the kitchen. They get a kettle toaster and microwave but we cant take anything else. We can take hairstraightners/curlers/hair dryers

but there are some bits and pieces that we cant have. It also says that we cant take glass into the bath room??? Very weird thing to write.

I did go back in may to visit the accomodation and the really nice lady showing me round said that the areas are basically ours as long as they are in a good condition at the end they dont mind what we do with the room (thank god)
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ahhh good that brought a smile to my face! I have loads of posters ready to take, can't be having boring walls!

pssssssttt....shhhh i've got a mini fridge pssssssstttt...not aloud really...daft really!! will just have to cover it in paper!

ahh ok! god what would i do if i cudn't take my hair straightners!?!? hehe - i wouldnt be able to live without them, yeh rather shallow i no - but true! oh yeh, do we have to take our own curtains or do they have some?

Anna xxx
Reply 226
They have curtains

I totally understand what your talking about Anna-Maria I wouldnt be able to live with out hairstraighteners either. And Adam you have to have some where to keep your drinks cool in your room. And to stop your flat mates knicking them....
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yeah ur right LSO, i dont mind sharing me beer but it'll be ideal for small bottles of vodca etc.. Bah who needs hair straighteners...ohh wait i'm male :smile:
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I went out with a guy who used hair straighters. Mind you he was/is strange just so you know pringuk I drink Rum so you can get the drinks in for when i pop over


i dont know bout the curtains but wot i do no is that some unis charge for blue tak spots its like £25 a mark. hey LSO 53 i cant believe someone else is from the Peterborough area i thought that there was going 2 be no-one from round here then i saw your location. does all our electricals have to be tested? i'm no where near finished packing ill probs be there sunday coz sat ill finish packing i put the same as you lot bout the type of room
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lol, fair do's although u'll be the only one that drinks it! better get some coke in aswell then?
Reply 231
Im sure there are some other people around that drink rum if not I love guinness and white wine ( not together)
Reply 232
lol i'm pleased to hear not together :biggrin: guinness is nice although expensive for a student drink? Afraid i'm only bringing 24 carling 24 budwieser and 2 Litre bottles of VK....although it all does the same thing in the end i suppose !! :biggrin:
i no laods of guys who use straightners as well - although they are extremely vain and obsessed with themselves or either gay lol

Anna xxx
Reply 234
Well carling sounds good. And Im willing to try budwieser. Perhaps you should invest in a distillery like they did in M*A*S*H and make your own booze. It would be a lot cheeper and probably alot easier to be sick on...
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hey janeannekate where abouts do you live??? I believe you pay £5 per item to have tested which isnt to bad if its something that you feel you need.

As with the blue tack marks the easiest answer is to use white take its better than blue tack because its less lightly to pull paint off and it doesnt stain ( I work in John Lewis Stationary department)
I Live Near Werrington. Went To Kings, Kenstimpson And John Mansfield! Wot School Did U Attend? Thanks For The Tip On Blue Take
Reply 237
I went to Bourne Grammar (I live north of peterborough)
Fare Enough So Do U Get To Keep Ur Job For Xmas And Stuff Or Is It Now Ur Going 2 Uni Thats It? I'm Glad That Someone Else From Round Heres Going I Was Starting 2 Think Nobody Knew Where It Was
Reply 239
I know that feeling definatly mention hudds around here and you get a blank look!!!

I hopefully get to keep it for holidays my boss said that I could have it back when I wanted it but The people who hire and fire are not always as friendly as he is...

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