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oh so nice! r u any where near ready? im still working in town some of this week yeah great hundreds of parcells guess wot xmas has started
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Reply 241
yeah I no, I brought everything its just gettin it packed that is neccesssary. where do you work. Its a shame that christmas has started. So Im basically ready.

send me a private message we can talk more there so this can be more about hudds
Reply 242
wow! i miss so much by goin out! it was only on 11 pages b4! I was just gonna take my hair straighteners, hairdryer etc anyway! :rolleyes: im gonna be so poor ! its annoyin coz i wanna make plans for saturday if we go on the sunday instead but we dont know yet :mad:
Reply 243
Hmmm, people worried about not being packed yet and i havent started :P Oh well, at least ill be having fun these last days before i head of hehe. How come we are allowed Computers in our room, but not mini fridges btw? Anyone know if mini fridges are prone to exploding or something mad like that. Anyways, i hope not everyone will be in their rooms with doors ajar playing music, there actually needs people to be walking by the rooms to do some introducing :biggrin:
Reply 244
Upto 6gig on iTunes :biggrin: So yup will be playing plenty of music with the door ajar. I don't understand why people think we move in on the sunday??! its everyone on saturday according to the info book unless you want to move in some other day. Havent heard anything today :frown: really need the new address for car insurance etc, bah!

Reply 245
MY post has arrived and I now know where I am living.

Its called North spring anybody been there before and know if its any good??
We can move in on either sat or sun depending on what you want to do.

I think we cant have fridges because they think that we wont have food in our rooms.

I hope Im not the only one that has heard

Put what block your in if you find out...
Reply 246
OMG! im in north spring too. its right next to the reception on the left. i went for...medium livelyness thing, non smoking mixed. what courtyard are you?? eeeeeeeeek! im excited now! but errr it still doesnt tell u what day...just times. im gonna email them now.
Reply 247
Yup got my room info today and all paid for -
in Slade, Courtyard - B, Flat - 3 etc

Still need to order posters and the lark :frown: Though im thinking i might get stuff like that up there etc :confused:
Reply 248
sorry i didnt read your post properly about the days to move in! what day is everyone else going on??
Reply 249
yeah i wanted to get stuff like that to put on my noticeboard...doesnt it fill one of the walls??
Reply 250
yeah i wanted to get stuff like that to put on my noticeboard...doesnt it fill one of the walls??

yea, i believe the notice board runs the length of the bed in storthes, so its massive and plenty of space to fill.

btw, anyone taking any chairs up? Im thinking about taking my leather office chair as the ones i saw looked serious poo poo lol
Reply 251
Lol, ive already got too much stuff to take. I can put up with bad chairs so Im ok! Ive got so much to do!!! but havin the room number is seriously a huge relief. Ive been waitin for it for weeks now.
Reply 252
Im living in courtyard B flat number 1.

I cant wait its really good to have an address that you can now sort things out to.
Its up to you if you wanna go on saturday or sunday but you have to make sure if you go in the morning or the afternoon depending on your address.

Im taking a chair with me. Its really georgeous arm chair with rockers. Just for something to sit on other then the floor the computer chair(or what ever you wanna call it) and the bed. It also means you can have more mates round as theres more space for them to sit.

I seem to remember the notice board being the size of the bed. But we went in to some show rooms and they actually had posters stuck up with white tack on the walls, wardrobe, doors etc...

I think we can do what ever we want as long as it doesnt damage anything.

Is any one else taking shower curtains as you dont know what has happened to the one before or what condition it is going to be in. What was storage like in the bath room was there a cupboard on the wall or some where to put toiletrees??
Reply 253
ooo yeah a shower curtain, gud idea!! I dont think there was...unless it was a mirror where u can open it and theres two tiny shelves. apart from that then theres no room for anythin else coz it was quite small. hope there is one of those mirrors. are you gonna go on the saturday or the sunday?
Reply 254
Im gunna move in on the saturday coz my rents work on the sunday glad that you can move in in the morning and the afternoon and not the sat/sun cause they would have had to have the day off work.

What courtyard/flat are you in gem? I hope there is storage in the bath room. if not Im gunna b going to leeds to buy some sort of draws from Ikea.
Reply 255
never had a look at the loo tbh - but shower curtain is a good idea :biggrin: Btw, anyone remember the size of the shelfs there? Got a huge collection of music mags i want to take and im sure they weren't exactly big :frown:

also peeps - remember network patch cable for internet :wink: just remembered i need one lol
Reply 256
nooooooo i'm alone! he he!
Cinderhill courtyard b flat 4, damn! lol.its just behind the reception i think...not sure though lol.
Reply 257
whats a network patch cable??? Im a little bit blonde is it like a phone cable?? I thought the shelfs were quite large and what I remember we had four and they were all the length of the bed. (2 above the desk and 2 under the desk). what about the wardrobe I didnt have a look in there was it all hangin space or was there also shelves??
Reply 258
I will have to write that cable down! lol! Im in Courtyard A, Flat 4. Im guessin that means im on the top floor :frown: Hope my dad hasnt got a bad back still that day! It'll prob go on him again if its gone! :rolleyes: I got sum little draws from argos. quite **** coz they r only tiny but at least i can get sum stuff in them. 2 big for the bathroom tho. u can get those shower shelves things to put shampoo in from asda cant u?? dunno about the shelves. I think im imaginin the room to be bigger than what its really like!
Reply 259
awww i wanted to be in cinder hill. kinda central. in a kinda central place too....just doesnt feel it. hmm oh well.

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