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hey people! how are you all doing my fellow huddersfield students hahaha
How you all finding it here?
i moved all the way from london to come here, and its pretty cool.
Clubbing scene is quite good aswell.
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Reply 341
This Friday 30th September at the Billie Rox Dj Mark Murray will be performing, Blackpools top Dj live.
Who is gonna be there?
Reply 342
Who here is living at aspley hall on firth street?
Holla back at me, i live in the A block.
Want to hear from some fellow residents :smile:
Reply 343
hiya, im living in firth point on firth rocks...we seem to be in the party block! hope everyone is havin a good time. i got tonsilitus during freshers so i was a bit gutted but neva mind, im betta now!! : )
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hey embelina
how you doin? hows your tonsilitus, i suppose u got it from all the scream and shouting at the clubs coz thats what happened to me hehe
Firth point, thats not far from aspley hall. We might be having a house party sometime soon, so who is up for it? free drinks and good music!
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Hey all, was looking for freshers information last week on google and got this site, thought id sign up.

Been at uni 2 weeks now and everything seems good so far, im doing Computer Games Programming (anyone on the course or new media give me a shout). Im living down the road from the uni on Manchester road, private student flats.. bit of a mistake as no action when your away from halls i guess but since im living with my missus with my own kitchen etc it evens it out a little i guess.

Hope everyone is having a good time :smile: ! Wheres everyone drinking at ?, seems like Revolution is the favourite from what iv seen ?.
Reply 346
Hey Wo33eR
hows it going?
Seems like everyone is having a fab time at uni, which is a good thing. Working very hard i hope lmao
i see that your looking for places where you can get a few drinks :wink: there are quite a few good places to grab a few pints or a few bottles of WKD.
There is the Tokyo Night Club, Shout, Bar Code, Cotton Factory, The Camel Club, Visage, Billie Rox, Revoloution, Livingstones etc. these are ones i have personally been to for a drink or two and thought that they were quite alright.
Check this link out for more info on nights out in town:
take it easy and hope the info helps
Reply 347
Tokyo would be my reccomendation, very nice and new styled.
Cotton Factory was good too, nice beer, place to go for quiet drink before clubs.
Visage has nice food before the bar before the club :biggrin:.
Revoloution is great for vodka fans, terrible larger (think i got bottom of barrell).

The above 4 would be my reccomendations to anyone new to Huddersfield and hasnt been out yet :smile:. Cheers for the site D-Unit ill check it out.
Reply 348
Its been good so far, for anyone at Storthes who saw the "Davestravaganza" posters stuck up, that was my idea for my flatmates birthday :redface:
Reply 349
everyone still having good rid of the tonsiilitus but now iv got my blooming cold bak agen!!!! grrrrr! oh well! im really loving tokyo, we go there quite a bit...and like warehouse too, esp on rock night on tuesdays!
Reply 350
hello again all my fellow huddersfield citizens and students of Huddersfield Uni :P
week 3 i think it is now, and how are people settling in?
There is a house party happening at Aspley Hall Block A flat 3 from 7pm onwards with free booze and top music. whos up for it? let me know :smile:
hope all are having a boozalicious time hahaha (sorry i know that was stupid but i couldnt help it :wink: )
P.S dont forget to let me know if anyones up for some free booze at my house party :smile:
Reply 351
Hi all,
Firstly, sorry for intruding on your thread :redface:

On to business - now that you are all at Huddersfield, whats the Uni actually like? Whats the digs like? The sports facilities? The teaching? Everything else?

As you can guess, I am thinking of applying (I know, I shouldnt be thinking, the form should be in :rolleyes: ) to study either Mechanical or Automotive Engineering.

Cheers in advance :smile:
hey my bf dus automotive engineering and he says it is good! Huddersifled is a nice friendly place and as i can tell the accom is very good! and there is a lot of sport societies and the gym is only £85 (£75 b4 a date) a year!
Reply 353
Huddersfield uni is definetly under rated, the quality of facilities and teaching(?) is really high in the drama department, sorry i cant help with your automative engineering. The town is also very nice, but i felt safer in Middlesbrough, which is the only down point i can put on Huddersfield, also if you go to Storthes you get no phone signal indoors hehe, other than that apply mate.
Reply 354
Thanks Clairy and Swinny :smile:

I sent an email to the Engineering department last night about both Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (asking if they would take me) and got a reply this morning saying they would - without my Year 14 courses, so I am sitting in 6th-form for another year when I could be at Uni (sod's flaming law!)

I dont like the sound of being safer in Smoggieland (Middlesbrough), but I am happy I can take care of myself (*manical laughter*). I dont mind having no phone signal - got MSN and a web-cam for that :smile:

Thanks again :smile:
i have lived in Huddersfield all my life and i have always been very safe!!
Reply 356
Well people, I have taken the plunge... I am coming to see you on the open day next week :smile:

If you see a very lost-looking lad, probably swearing in Geordie at himself for getting lost yet again, please be nice :smile: :biggrin:
Reply 357
I am back again :smile:

I had a good mosy around and the Uni looks brilliant! I cant put it into words, but it just feels like the place for me. I must have took some of the north easter weather down with me like, because it started raining when I was having a look at the canal (I am a fisherman, so you know where to find me).

Didnt get to the talk about Mech/Auto Eng though because of a talk about the halls - I didnt get to go round them, and where I will be living is slightly more important than the course for me.

Couple of questions for you all:
1) Do you get asked to go for an interview or another open-day, or does it depend on the course or something?

2) Does anyone know anything about some halls called Aspley Hall? Anyone there or know anyone there? If aye, whats it like?

Anth :smile:
Reply 358
Aye up. Cheers for that North east weather, been missing it :smile: I can tell you about Storthes hall, Its really quite good. The rooms are very substancial from looking at other unis and the kitchens are sound. Only problem is the distance you travel to get to uni. It takes 15 minutes on the bus (Which is free if you were wondering). Aspley hall from what ive heard is nice, but i think you only get 3 flat mates instead of 6 and its not as picturesque as Storthes, if you're interested in that sort of thing.
Sorry i cant be of more help. I can tell you im having a really good time here though, if that helps to cement your decision to come to Hudds a bit more.
Have a good life
Heylo! i lived in Storthes Hall last year in my first and awesome year at Huddersfield uni. Ive been to Aspley Hall and known people who lived (and moved out) of there. Its v nice in that its close to town and just opposite the university, but theyll try to entice you with things like free sky tv and swimming pool, but u only get about 3 extra channels and you have to pay a membership for the gym and pool which i heard was around £200. The payment schedules for the rent are also really weird, whereas at storthes hall they just take a third of the years rent a week or so after you get each instalment of loan which is much better when your tryin to buget. My friend also moved out halfway through the year becase she got landed with idiots for flatmates and they refused to move her and then tried to say she owed them money when she didnt. Storthes hall may seem like the difficult option being a bus ride from uni, but its really good for first year. The place might not be as flashy as Aspley/Firth Point/snow island look, but the bedrooms are much bigger (firth point is like a tin can!you cant sleep cos of the laminated matresses and it gets too hot cos its too small but if you open the window you cant sleep cos its just off the ring road!) and its where you find most freshers go because the others dont usually advertise through the uni,and by march last year, snow island was full of 2nd and 3rd years already. The other halls in town will tend to have flats full of friends who arent freshers (my boyf lives in firth point with his friends from storthes and everyone hes met there is a 2nd or 3rd year), so storthes is really good because almost everyone is new and in the same situation as you. Everyone goes to the bar on the first sat and sun night when everyone moves in and by the end of the night youll know loads of people. Its really good in that it student village is the perfect name for it because by the time youve been there a month you wont be able to go to the shop or the laundrette or get on the bus without seein someone you know. The bus may seem a pain in the arse, but sometimes its a good way to meet people and some of the bars like sessions (now fabrik) use it to play games on when they put on buses to take you to the clubs. Its also really great when it snows cos the buses cant get up the hill so u get snowed in and everyone goes outside to act like a 5yr old!and summers great to cos there loads of grass to lay out on and have barbeques. If you want the real freshers year experience go to storthes hall, i had a great time!

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