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hi aliconda how ya doin?? perhaps iv seen you about... where do you live??
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Argh people talking about residencey etc lol I still have to visit two more open days this month and then I can make my mind up about putting what as Firm and what as Insurence.

I do have a question about Ashenhurst. I couldnt see much info on the accom website. But is there internet access or anything there like at Storthes?
I do have a question about Ashenhurst. I couldnt see much info on the accom website. But is there internet access or anything there like at Storthes?

According to the security man at Ashenhurst, there is internet access the same as at Storthes in every room. The main difference is obviously that the toilets are shared and there is no gym or bar on site. The rooms are a bit smaller, however they are still bigger than some I have seen for other uni's.

Im staying there, its not my first choice but I cant afford Storthes, and really it doesnt seem to be that bad at all, call DIGS and arrange a look around.
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aye up guys, i was in this same position last year. There was only one feasable option and that was Huddersfield. Just though i'd clarify i few things for people.

First is that if you are well and truly bricking it about making friends etc, Storthes hall is for you. There are very regular buses that have never ever let me down. The distance is not that much of a problem its only 15 minutes on the bus and the rooms are very large in comparison to all the other halls ive seen. The kitchen is also a canny size.

The town is a little gem. Im from middlesbrough so my hometown is roughly the same size, but theres likes a 500% larger chance of getting beaten up in Boro from my own experience. I havent been told to get my haircut once in Huddersfield, compared to the hundreds of times in Boro hehe.

The campus is also very nice, i do drama and the facilities for that course and teachers are ace. To the best of my knowledge Hudds is an awesome music uni, so if you are doing a music related course you wont be let down.

Freshers week was a bit of a dissapointment for myself, but thats only because i didnt know what to do. basically make friends and go into town. There are 4 or 5 clubs to choose from.

if you have any questions you wanna ask about life in Hudders just gimme a PM or post here.


btw if you are going to Storthes go premium if you can, the advantages are very good.

If you wanna add me on msn feel free [email protected]
Definatly recommend premium, but if you cant afford it no worries there is free internet access in the reception at Storthes and there is also free internet in uni. Storthes hall is a definate must, but its important to point out that every block is different the show flat does not explain that all the flats are like this... Some rooms are longer and thinner etc. The kitchens are all very different, a flat of 8 that I know have the tiniest Kitchen(about the same floor space as a table tennis table) with a table only fit for 4. while some other flats for 6 have got a huge kitchen that is the size of half a tennis court, with a table yet again only suitable for 6. When I moved in I brought a comfy chair with me. I recomend this because it gives you somewhere else to sit, more seating for visitors and the use of making your own room ur own
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Has anyone applied for their accomodation place through the campus digs website yet?
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I will be as soon as my Huddersfield offer actually appears on the UCAS Track site.

Just checked and it hasn't appeared yet...:frown:
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I can't get onto the UCAS site anymore because I don't have a username. Still got my UCAS number and password, but no username. Which sucks. I want to see if all my options are still there.
that sucks a bit. How is everyone's Offer's going with Hudd's what you hoping to study? Anyone after textile Design? Or Multimedia Design?? I know someone on almost every course if you are intrested in anything. PM me or talk on here for everyone to see.
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I'm applying for the Music Technology and Popular Music course.
Im doing psychology
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Applied for Game Design.

just keeping my fingers crossed that I get the UCAS points for it grrr
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Ive applied for ICT.
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Mechanical Engineering here :smile:

Still trying to decide which to put as my insurance choice - Teesside or Wolverhampton. When I decide, it is a matter of getting two E's at AS and I am there :biggrin:
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What's everyone's offer UCAS points wise?

Mine is 320 (with grade 5 music theory)
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minimum of 180 UCAS points and have to have 6 unit course so mine is covered with double award avce ICT (12 unit)
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Been accepted for Media and Print Journalism :biggrin:
What's everyone's offer UCAS points wise?

Just need to pass my Access course
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UCAS Points wise I need 220.

With the 180 I have from last year I only need 40 :biggrin:
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hahaha, gaskell you did better than me with just your As results :P If anyone is applying to do Drama, first of coure is great. Second of, if you need a bit of hope i got in with a B in drama a D in Eng Lit and a U in sociology :P

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