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Aye up, i was almost deterred by those guardian scoring systems but i'm here now and they are a load of *******s. Ive just had the best year of my life and m course is great. *******s to em all, im also from Middlesbrough and my advice is avoid Teeside at all costs. I'll be happy to give reasons aswell if you fancy.
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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No need to give me reasons - I'm just up the road from Middlesbrough in Peterlee (straight up the A19) so I get to see all of the stuff on Tyne-Tees - including them stabbed last week outside Teesside Uni library.
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haha what is this a teeside thread now?
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Ooh Gaskell, people will love your accent. I get people doing impersinations of me all the time and mine is just a weak Boro accent hehe. I didnt know about those stabbings outside University of Teeside i dont get the evening gazette here in Hudds unfortuanetly, thats sad news though.
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Dunno if anyone has asked about Hudds but ive seen a lot of other threads with the question about other Unis and locations...

What's the chav situation like in Huddersfield? Then again, what is the class/gang (whatever people like to call it these days) is like?
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Practically chav free, even the ones that are here arent ones that just shout random abuse at you. Bus station is where mosto f em hang out so just avoid that if possible, but even at the Bus station theres just like 3 guys who ask you for cash.
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arghhhhhhh sumbody quick tell me something bout huddersfiel, im gettin withdrawal symptoms lol
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Their website has just been updated with news on the new art department.

Uhm we got like 3 weeks now untill we start getting application forms and other info from the uni/campus digs?

I am so bored I am watching episodes of Mr Bean at 1 in the morning... hmmm
Hey, I should be at Huds in September. Can anybody give a review of Aspley hall please?
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heres a review of Aspley in brief and with comparison to Storthes.
if you are looking for a nice room. You will find it hard to decide between the two.
If you are looking for accesbility to the uni Aspley crushes Storthes.
In relation to the last point however, your summer will be far inferior to the people living at Storthes as Aspley has no lawns.
Freshers experience (i assume you will be a fresher) Storthes all the way, there are 11 blocks at Storthes 9 of which are purely for Freshers. At Aspley however theres no guarantee that you will be living with many freshers which means you could be stuck with people who already have friends and thus your life will be turd (no exageration).
Major bonuses of Aspley are that there is a Swimming pool there and your kitchen has a lounge. Major minuses, you cant hang outside unless you walk into town and go to a park and theres a lot of second and third years there and although not a second year yet im sure they are probably and i will be myself elitist. its called the truth for a reason.
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anybody recieved their letters and forms etc from storthe yet? i kno they said 26th june at latest but just fort i would check.

let me kno, dan!
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Woo! Another step closer; I recieved my student finance reply today, I managed to get all I wanted; tuition loan, maintenance grant and the maitenance loan all at the max ammounts.

I guess just have to wait now till the end of this month to get the packs from Huds.
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Just had my last night as a Fresher at Hud uni, its been absolutely brilliant.

Our flat at Storthes looks really weird now that its spotless and empty again - just like when we moved in!

Anyone thats living in LA6, check the above the ceiling tiles for a time capsule of sorts :wink:
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Just thought I would let everyone know that ive received my accomodation pack from Digs, so they must be getting sent out to everyone now, so everyone should get them soon.

I got mine too (finally!)
Quick question though: I was reading through the License Agreeement, and under 2.23 it says 'not use any personal domestic appliances (such as heaters, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, freezers, cooking equipment, kettles and toasters) in the Room or communal areas or kitchens, except the domestic appliances provided by the Company'

So i guess this rules out coffee makers and George Foreman grills? Well how utterly ridiculous is that?! Cause i'm sure they won't bother to provide those!
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Yeh mine came this morning too, was well excited. Just bring your george foreman grill they will never kno if u always put it away in a cupboard after using it, cleaners wont see it(plus i might be able to use it if im living with you haha)

Wow thats a wierd thought i could be living with some people from here in september. weird hey lol
In cupboard.....good idea! You know that was so simple, I can't believe I didn't think of it myself haha.
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Just recieved mine, (I like laying in :P)

Pack is kinda crap, doesnt say anywhere about the stuff I asked for in the application request forms (such as what room type and what envrioment preferences I choose). Kinda annoying.

I don't think the ISPs for students (our internet) should be allowed to charge such an expensive rate for such a crap service, £3 per week for 256k and £4 per week for 512k. we are on 4mb and 10mb roughly now at them prices and we have unlimited bandwidth usage. I wonder what speed of the two we get in the premium pack?

Who is doing what:
Room Type? - I am going for single premium
Payment Plan? - I think I will just pay it all before I start, so the money is not in my bank account lol.

As for the George Foreman, I was wanting to take one too. May just have to sneak it in. Anyone seen them beer despensers you can get now? you hook it up to a keg and it has a tap and everything. Would be awsome lol.

Anyhow, I also recieved my name Natwest details today for my new bank account. Aswell as recieving more info about my Student Loans from SLC.

So when do we get our info packs from the uni?
i havent got mine yet... does it have any info about changing to a premium room? i applied for a standard single room, but i want premium instead :tongue: i emailed them before and they just told me about the pack thingy
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It doesn't have anything in the application about what package you have gone for. Nor does it give decent information about what we are suppose to do lol.

You need to sign two forms which need to be sent back. It says about the deposit and booking fee. Which need to be paid asap I guess. I think you need to send a passport photo aswell if you haven't yet?

It has two Mandates, one which is for payment which shows 3 dates and another for debit of 8 installments.

Depending on what you want to do, you have to send one of them off with your signed agreements if you want them. If you choose to pay in full you dont send the debit mandate. But it doesnt say anything about the payment mandate.

It doesn't really have any guidelines at all. I think ill just get a recent passport photo done, get the deposit and booking fee wrote out to them by cheque (If I can find my cheque book lol if not it will have to be a postal order), along with a headed letter stating what is what and that I choose to pay in full.

Hopefully you recieve your pack within next few days. :smile:

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