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Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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Any more folks going to Hudd!?
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i'm not going to huddersfield uni, but i'm a huddersfield lass and it's a great place

so if anyone has any questions, i'll do my best!
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I'm off to Huddersfield, stopping at Ashenhurst
Eh... I go to a college in Huddersfield even though i don't live there.

It's a sad, sad, place. :frown:
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im defo goin to huddersfield now!! cant wait!!!
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i applied to edinburgh and york but didnt get into either.

i was thinking of taking a year out cos all the clearing places were crap.

but then im now considering whether to go to huddersfield as they have the course i want and i know 2 people already going there and loads going nearby (sheffield/leeds etc)

dyou reckon it would be a real step down from wanting to go to top unis like york/edinburgh to going to huddersfield?

also theres no pictures on their website so is it a nice place to live?
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Yup, im off to Hudds as well - studying Music Tech & Digital Media :smile: Though ive taken a year out and im old (20th b'day day before going up) :p:

Btw, to the lot staying at Storthes Hall - anyone know when we're allowed into our rooms? Also what are you lot doing about mobiles? - just that nothing part from vodaphone works up there and its a pain in the bum changing networks/getting a new contract etc plus the room phones seem to be a rip in pricing :frown: And is anyone taking their car up there?

Oh and a very odd question, anyone how big the desks are in the single rooms (depth especially)? - just that i have some large bits of gear and just wondering if they'll fit/worth taking up etc :smile:

Btw, i take it Enroll is Freshers week - which is the 12th Sept onwards?

much appreciated for any answers to my questions,
Dom :smile:
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freshers week is the 19th aint it?? thats wot iv hears..tho im popping u on 3rd to hav look not in storths, iv got a room in firth it true that networks dont work there?? im sure my orange phone did when i was there....hopefully il be ok!

as for huddersfield being a step down from leeds and york, it depends on the course...for example, huddersfield is one of the best for music and music tech...other unis seem to boast about how good they are, but it is hudds does really well in league tables and is a whole lot more friendly!! and, tho it seems quite a quiet place (it wont stay that way with me there!), its nice, and really close to massive cities!
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no, in hudds all mobile networks seemed to work, it was just up in storthes hall (up that big sod'off hill) that things started to go pear shape and my O2 moby didnt want to know :frown: Added to the effect of the mental asylum though lol

well it says that my course registration is the 19th, and that enrollment is the 12th :confused: i think some phoning is needed :wink:

shame i didnt know about firth point :frown: looks a lot better than storthes (rooms seem bigger for starters) and cheaper too, but oh wells...something ill keep in mind for 2nd year :smile:

Yea hudds seems to be one of the best unis for music and music tech (plenty of studios to go around etc) - although my first choice was at LIPA, which to be fair is on a totally different playing field.

Only thing i fear is "Chavs" in huddersfield - on my trip up there, there seemed to be a fair bunch of them, hopefully it was just "doll day" and its not like that everyday lol

Im starting Huddersfield in Sep this year, and am well scared because i no NOBODY!! But at the same time - so excited and especially up for this Freshers Week! Wheyyyy!!

Im doing Interior Design and they have set Prep already! Cheeky!

Can't wait to get into my room in Storthes Halls - they look pretty cool, quite small tho!! as long as i get put with exciting, fit not botherd tho! hehe!

Anna xxx
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iv got preparation for music too....not that iv donw any!! oops!
i am sooo lookin forward to moving ..bought all my plates and bowls today! so exciting! yeah, hopefully il get put with exciting, fit people too....and not ones that just wanna study alllll the time (not that many students seem to be like that!)..glad other people are looking forward to it just as much as i am!! :p:
yeh its gona be wicked! i bought all my bedding, and cushions etc today - was well exciting!!

i havnt done any prep yet either...ahh well...still 3 weeks..i think!

yeh i hope i dont get put with a load of boring people either! i meen whats the first year for - not working!! lol!! its gona be great whatever i suppose!

im looking forward to meeting loads of new people anyway!

Anna x
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we suppose to be prepping for our courses?! :eek: lol What are you lot doing to prep?

ive yet to get all my "shizzle nizzle dizzle" yet, hopefully my day off from work will allow me to get bits and pieces for uni - yes thats a day off work, but hey more "mucho" for drink :wink:

but yea hopefully it all should be a good laugh in the first few weeks - im just hoping that i dont get placed with the "tits" (not the geeks either), even though first year is suppose to be lazy year, still wanna get some work in <- i know, shock horror :wink: but we all say that to a certain percentage and it never happens anyways lol

btw - anyone taking a tv up there? still trying to decide if its worth it :confused:
yeh im definatly taking my t.v up there... can't be doing with missing hollyoaks or eastenders

The prep gets set by certain departments so maybe yours havnt set you any, which is lucky, iv got loads to do!

anyway.. look forward to meeting everyone!

Anna xxx
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im defo taking my tv too!! DONT FORGET TO GET A TV LICENCE THO!!! more expenses...grrrr...couldnt be missing neighbours!!
yay, got all my plates and they are all fantastic....and i think iv finished getting all the things for my bedroom!! only got pots and pans left now!
hopefully il get put with a good mix of people...not all males, but not all females! oooooooh, only one week til i find out who im staying with!
im hoping that there are good clubs in really into my clubbing...especially rock end up traveling back home every saturday if there isnt!!
Yeh i hope theres some good clubs - but ive heard that if you want a really good night out you have to go to Leeds, which i dont mind doing sometimes and i know a few people that are going to that uni.

I didn't know we could find out who we would be getting put with, they havn't even told me what room i'm getting!! - well i best find out soon anyways!

Anna xxx
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Not sure about taking tv, mainly because of the size of the thing and i know rooms arnt exactly massive at Storthes :frown:

The folks that are staying at Storthes, i dont think we'll know until a few days beforehand (before 17th etc)

As for clubs, hudds is suppose to be pretty good for a night out - especially bar-wise etc. Although like anna said, Leeds or Manchester are the places to be for a night out (both around 30-40mins on the train), though i cannot see neither of them being cheap places to paaarrrttaayyy :frown:

i havn't been set anything to prep (not that i know of anyways) - i must be lucky lol :biggrin:
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Im going to Huddersfield Uni in September too. Gonna be studying Events Management. Im excited but a bit nervous...Shud be ace tho! :smile: Im stayin in Storthes Hall aswell. Does Orange work up there?? I was gonna swop my 02 sim card for an orange one b4 I go but I dunno what to do now! :confused:
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Im going to Huddersfield Uni in September too. Gonna be studying Events Management. Im excited but a bit nervous...Shud be ace tho! :smile: Im stayin in Storthes Hall aswell. Does Orange work up there?? I was gonna swop my 02 sim card for an orange one b4 I go but I dunno what to do now! :confused:

when i was showed around by a student, he said that only vodafone *just* works up in hills, ie - where storthes is, and i couldnt get a signal on my O2 phone.

Would be cool if there was a little information about this though - maybe from previous year students etc :wink:

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