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I thought everyone would like to take a look at this, here is a copy of the email I got sent to me from DIGS:

Dear Mark

The deposit should be returned at the same time as the Licence agreement. You may send them back whenever you like as the earlier you do, the more likely it is you will get your choice of accommodation, the reason why we advise to wait until results day is that the licence agreement is a legal document and once that is signed and returned you are bound to a 41 week contract that you will have to pay regardless. If it is definite that you are coming here then send it back otherwise I would wait as it is nearly impoosible to get out of the contract once you have entered it and you wouldnt want to be paying for accommodation that you are not living in?

I hope this helps

Stacey Hodkinson
Digs Accommodation Officer
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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Cheers for posting that Mark :smile:

And that is why I am waiting to book my digs on results day :smile:
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Yeah, Im not sure whether I should wait or not, and the bit in the reply where it says, the earlier you send it back the more likely you are of getting your choice of accomodation, so the later we leave it there is going to be the possibility that we might not get what we wanted.

I could send it back, because all I need is 180 UCAS points and im very confident that I will exceed the offer, so sending it back wouldnt be a problem, because I will more than likely get what I need, but if I didint, then im screwed basically because I would of signed the contract and would still have to pay.
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if you have the slightest bit of doubt there is no point in risking it. there will be hundreds in the same situation ho wont send it off till results day. as long as u have the forms filled out and ready to go on results day, u can make it ur second priority to post it off after ringing your department to check your in. what course are u doing mark? or planning to do? what about everybody else, what are you all planning on studying?
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Yeah thats true, there will be hundreds of other people in the same position. Im just going to wait until results day to send it off, but will have the forms filled in ready to send it first class that day after ensuring I have met the conditions of my offer.

I will be doing BSc Information Communication Technology (4Yr).
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Reet guys, this might sound daft but its just got my brain backwards :confused:

Did you guys fill in that online form, and did you have to send any cash off for with it? Or do you just wait until you get the pack that you guys have been on about to send the cash?

If its the latter, then I will probably have the forms ready to post on results day - call in the post office on the way home from college :biggrin:
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hey, i'm new on here, and thought i'd pop on to say hi :biggrin:

just read through all 32 pages, lol, my eyes hurt now!

i'm gonna be doing the BEng Motorsports Engineering course stating in Sept'06, anyone else on here doing this course?

also, will be staying at Firth Point, main reasons are it's close to the uni and town centre, and the rooms look bigger than storthes park etc. anyone staying at there?

thanks. pete.
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Yep I completed the online form and didnt send any cash for it.

You send the £150 with the licence agreements which come with the accomodation pack.

EDIT: Welcome to the thread, Pete.
Thank god you posted that e-mail you recieved Mark.....I was planning to send off my accommodation stuff off this week! But now i know that I'd rather wait and see if i get the 300 UCAS points (unlikely) that i need!
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Welcome Pete :smile:

Not doing motorsports, but general mechanical engineering so we should be in the same area. I wont be at Firth Point - I be doing the freshers thing and heading to Storthes. I am not one for living reet in the middle of the town and it will be good to meet freshers as far as the eye can see :smile:

Cheers for that Mark, I think I may fill it in soon (possibly after training when I am on the intoxicating beverages). I only need two E's at AS to get in (to take me to 220 points) and that should be easy for me according to my Physics teacher :smile:
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No problem, im glad I emailed them in the end because I was just going to send the stuff off too. Now I will wait. It also says in the booklet we are still guaranteed accomodation as long as we send the forms back before 30th Sept 2006 so its not like we wont have a place anymore because we will, we will just be sending them back in August to ensure we have the grades and most people will probably do the same anyway because most people will be relying on grades. (Only read that 10min ago)
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That should of said "1st Sept 2006" and not "30th Sept 2006".
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Welcome Pete! Hurry and get 100 posts so you can help sign our Sub Forum petition thing lol.

Yeah thank god for that, I was going to send off my stuff this week.

My NatWest account is completly done now. I just need to apply for the railcard. I have a £1,250 overdraft, shame I have to give it back if I spend it :'(.

I had an offer for Games Design of 180 points. (I only took AVCE ICT in sixthform, I was lazy lol). I know i was heading for CC but my referee put BC on my referal because I was scraping it if I did the work.. (like hell lol).

Thanks to the little interviews Huds do on the open day, I had a good chat with my tutors and stuff and they had already put me onto their foundation degree for Games Tech. Which, was the course I wanted to find out about as I am stuck in deciding whether to focus on the technical (programming) or artistic side of games. The foundation course opens up both these routes and I can see where I excel in.

I feel embarrassed just saying im doing a foundation degree and thus why I wanted to explain ^^.

Anyways, whats next to come? We get our info packs from the Uni some time soon?
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I did AVCE ICT Double Award too, it was a very good course in my opinion, i thoroughly enjoyed it and I think its prepared me well for me to advance straight onto a degree course.

I dont think we get the info packs until after results day, but dont quote me on that.

Apart from that, I think everything is sorted, ive done all my exams, accomodation stuff has been sent to me and I have my financial notification, dont think there is much else to do, apart from buy what I need for university.
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hey chewy, now u have sorted out your account, have u already got your overdraft? or have u gota wait til u start uni?
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Cheers for the post and the support Dave! :biggrin:

One form for non-smoking, quiet, single premium digs at Storthes is in :smile:
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I actualy wish I put quiet instead of lively lol... I like my sleep lol.

Im not sure if I can use my overdraf dan. but it says its there and the account is active. (I don't want to use my overdraft and will hopefully not use much if at all any of it while at uni)
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Howay guys! Add this to your sig!

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Righty-o Mr Anth

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