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We need I think it was 10 people with over 100 posts who will use the forum regularly and then I ask for the forum to be created in "Ask A Mod". The thread is in my sig :smile:

Aye, I will be at Storthes :smile:
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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Im going to be at storthes in sept :tongue:
I totally agree with the huddersfield forum thingy. It would make things so much easier :tongue: maybe it would stop me lurking all the time :wink:

Welcome BloodRaven :smile:

kobrakai - I agree! We need more lasses in this thread :biggrin:
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Yeah I was chatting to Anth on the gender issues on msn lol.

Good to see you have finally found the right thread jason.

yawn, I am so bored.
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hey everyone!

how we all doing today?

its warm again! and im out of hayfever tablets! its not good
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It's too god damn humid.

Filled in my last application for bursaries today, just need to sit and wait for a reply.

I have applied for a laptop with one trust as the laptop I am after is £1600 and the other trust is to get £300 worth of software and text books.

I need to get to a photobooth to get my passport photos done so I can send off the application to get my railcard still.
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how come you will be entitled to bursaries?

is that like a sponsership scheme of some sort?

And hwo you going about getting your rail card?
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jayjas - still sick of this heat! Hope its cooler for the airshow at the weekend!

Chewy - I will probably have to wait for results day for the Engineering bursary that I heard about (apparently £1000 bursary for doing Engineering with there being a shortage of engineers).

Last I heard from someone who works at Natwest is that the railcard stuff isnt in yet :confused:
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is it sunderland airshow this weekend is it??
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Aye man!

Major traffic jams on the roads and noise from the sky as the planes go over my house from Teesside Airport to Seaburn all weekend, while I am sat on a bus heading up to Sunderland (only a mile or so walking between the central bus station and the beach so its nowt to me) :smile:
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i cant wait! i actually thought it was next weekend.

last year was awesome!
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It cant have been - the flights were cancelled because of fog and the fact you couldnt see 20 yards in front of you :wink:

Anyhoo - back to Huddersfield talk!
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nah im applying to local bursaries atm that help finance students in higher education and further.

you guys into flying?

as for the natwest thing, my student account is open and its all ready lol.. no limits to it either? :s-smilie:. I have the application form for the railcard, i just need to finish filling it in and send it off.
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i love flying!
I just wish i could afford a liscense. I had about a dozen lessons at a flight school at teeside airport, but when its more a less 100 pounds a starts adding up so i knocked it on the head. shame really.
I live about 5 miles away from R.A.F leeming so its like an airshow everyday here.its brilliant.
I dont know if im to bothered about the railcard.
Not sure ill be wanting to come home much. but i guess everyone says that. well have to see?

chewy-- how did you end up coming to huddersfield then? theres loads of unis down south? what made you choose to come 2 yorkshire lol?
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cuz its a rat race down south.. lol nah. There isnt really many Unis down south that do the course im going to be reading (yes you don't study a course at uni you read them.. my sixthform teacher made me put it into all my applications to make it posher rofl)

loads of other reasons, but to be honest it's somewhere new out in the middle of knowhere and sourrounded by some great cities which will provide a great experience aswell.

As for the flying stuff, I did my work experience with the UAS (University Air Squadrons). I didn't do much work to be honest but rather went flying every day in the tutor planes (grobs). Did aerobatics and even got to pull 2 loops myself (such an awsome feeling!).

I am going to email YUAS (Yorkshire UAS) and see whether I am applicable in applying. I'll see what they say and if Huddersfield Uni is applicable in applying I'll pass on the news. With a bit of luck ay?
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its funny you should say that. because i got in touch with thier headquarters yesterday ( church fenton ) about it all.
im still waiting for a reply either by phone or e-mail
i dont know if you have digital t.v. but there is a channel called discovery wings. And there was a series they had on there called " high flyers" .
basically what it was was a camera team following the uas of manchester & liverpool. it followed there careers fom day one to graduation and then eventually some of them into the r.a.f as officers (pilots etc)
it looked really good and ive had my heart set on the uas for years.
hope it comes through
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well thats my dream over lol
to be in the uas you have to graduate before your 23.5 years of age. and il be 24! god 24!
the reason it is 23.5 is because u can not enter as an officer into the r.a.f above that age. unless you are already in the r.a.f then u can apply up untill your 27.
its wrong how they do that. then navy and arm is 27. dont know why the r.a.f have to be different. oh well you cant change it.
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unlucky mate... well, im still going to see if I am applicable or not. I might email them now.
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its kool!

as long as i get this foundation year under my belt then i should be able to go on and do aerspace somewhere.
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Woohoo, my transfer is in progress. My boss said, and I quote, to our area manager 'She's brilliant and I'd quite happily reccomend her to any other store', then gave me a list of all the Starbucks in the UK and said to highlight the ones I was most interested in. So I did just that and gave it back to him today. Hopefully, he's emailing or phoning them all to see which one'll have me! Yay!

Also need to sort out my bank account too...
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wahoo well done!

go with HSCBC!

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