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Huddersfield Uni?

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Nice one kobrakai :smile:

Jay - go with Natwest for a free 5 year rail-card - around a third off train fares means Huddersfield to Durham for less than £30 return :smile:
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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if you ive quite far away which swansea is, the railcard is your best bet...

£29 for me return and that is huntingdon in cambridgeshire to huds
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yea ive seen that.
but the only asset with natwest is the railcard. and the web cam. theres nothing really attractive about it.
theyve give you a railcard for 5 years for free. but it only costs 20 pds a year to buy anyway.
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has everyone sent thier accomodation booking forms back yet??

where did u ask 2 be? lively or qiet?
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haven't sent the license agreements back no because otherwise you are forced to pay even if you dont get in and go somewhere else.
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oh right ok. so you havnt actually got into huddersfield yet?
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nah its kind of daft. I know what grades I have got because I did AVCE ICT which is modules therefore I get my grades shortly after handing in the units. (whenever the teacher marks them). The grades are only then authorised by the examining body. Sometimes the examining body will ask for a selection of students work or not. So the grades I have are CC.

I can't do the games design course i applied for which was BC but on the open day I found that games tech course which is foundation was more for me because it will allow me to sit back and not worry about my ICT grade and be able to see whether I enjoy the artistic side of computer games or the technological side.
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Mine's already been sent back, but that's because I got accepted last year. No worrying about results for me!

And yeah I'm gonna go with NatWest for my bank account. Purely for the railcard.
All my accommodation stuff is sorted, as I have got an unconditional place so I just got it done as soon as I could. I chose quiet, non smoking, mixed sex :p:
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I wonder who puts down single sex?

I aint really fussed what I get, although i did put down the oposite to quiet (loud/active/lively i dunno) but im kinda thinking whether that was a good idea or not lol.

as for the current weather report... its still too hot :'(

p.s oh and BloodRaven hurry ya ass up and get to 100 posts! we only need a few more people to get our own forum running. Go spam somewhere :p:
hehe i'm not very good at spamming, i will try though :p: :smile:
This thread has had like 15000 views though... surely thats a good enough reason to give us our own forum :wink:
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in the mods eyes it isn't enough. :frown:

By the way, Huddersfield is on myspace, so if you have a profile add yourself to the uni.
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good morning!!!

i got an unconditional offer in febuary too, so i dont have to worry about results! already been through all that last year! its not nice!
good luck to you all!
i chose lively, mixed sex, and non smoking! kinda daft really. because i smoke! but i thought it might be an incentive for me to stop! yea... that hasnt quite worked yet.
move in day is saturday 16th. is everyone going to be going that day or you hanging on for the sunday?
i need to get 100 posts! il get hard at it today. nothing else to do.
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whats the link for the huddz forum on my space?
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Jay - I am going to fill the digs forms in, but I wont actually put them in the post until results day. Cant remember what I said on the form on the digs site like, but it will be somewhere in this thread :smile:

BloodRaven - get the posts! Most of mine have been in this thread so it doesnt take much :smile:
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ok kool. when you get your results?
ive been worried because i havnt sent my liscense agreements off yet, and i was concerned they might not be places left. but thats just been daft. because i wouldnt of thought many people will be booking there accomodation untill after results day. so i got a couple of weeks left! cant belive they charging 150 pds just to book it!
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Results are out 17th of August, so the forms are going in my pocket to call in the post office on my way home then. If I dont get in, then I just bin them :smile:

150 quid is a bit steep like.
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whats the link for the huddz forum on my space? :smile:
£100 of that fee thingy is a deposit, so if you don't damage anything they should refund it.
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Its still £100 thats in their pocket when it would be better in ours! :smile:

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