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well you can but your own 1st drink then! lol!
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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lol you do that jay and ill print out your age on huge sheets of paper and pin it up around storthes! mwahahahahaha!

oh, i was doing some snooping around earlier on some other uni sub forums. aparently on UCAS they display your results before results day. Well they dont show your results but they tell you whether you have made it into your firm or insurence.

Hmmmmmmm that would be a decent project for summat to do before we go...

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Well luckily (or unluckily hehe) my accent is just regular Yorkshire:smile: Even when I speak in French which wasnt too good in my speaking tests this year lol.
As for Tokyo - ITS AMAZING!!! Been few times now and love it:smile: Good for long afternoon drinking sessions too:wink:
Anyone out of area wanting to know about going out in Huddersfield feel free to ask:smile: Ha I must seem like a right alcoholic hehe.
Vixy xxx
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vixy-- point me in the direction of rap and RnB. and the best place for vodka and cokes!
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^ alcy ^ :p:

hmmm, Anth you got an A3 printer?
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And yea UCAS do post whether u have been accepted the day before results day! I go away on results day so I had to find out earlier althou I have a whole day on plane before I can find out what I got for A levels:s-smilie:
This should really b helping ur forum campaign lol.
Vixy x
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Jayjas - not sure about the vodka and cokes but Lloyds and The Cherry Tree always good for Bacardi and coke:wink: U have to try Cotton Factory too tis great:smile:
Rap and RnB not really my kind of music but think Camel Club does a night of it during week and they have student discounts yay!
Vixy x
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dude! i mayaswell just get it tat2'd on my forehead lol!

6 more posts to go!!

wheres the other girl who was here b4?
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^ alcy ^ :p:

hmmm, Anth you got an A3 printer?

Nope, but who needs a printer? Huge roll of art paper and a can of black spray paint (or a compressor) will do the trick just as well :smile:

Remind me not to go on UCAS before results! I want to be able to hit the teachers if I didnt get in rather than my bedroom walls! :-P

Vixy - Jay only needs a few more posts (and hes been here a week or so) so hurry up and get your posts!

Anyhoo, its after 10 and I think its time for a spot of reading before I hit the sack. Catch yas dafter :smile:
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vixy-- well yea i love that music, but i listen to everything so music isnt really going to be a problem for me!
one thing- i hate wearing shoes! smart casual is always so much better and more comfortable!
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am i the only one here?
if i am, im sorry but im just going to type loadsa *******s to get my 100!! lol
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Well Camel Club is def smart casual lol. Its usually full of little emos on weekends but meh. And there r loads of bars which stay open all night but most r kinda strict on dress policy. Tryin out a new all night one tomorro night after a gig in Huddersfield called Bar Rouge will let u all know whether its worth a visit if Im still able to type on Sat:P
Vixy x
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no no jayjas i tried to post after vixy but anyhoo :p:

great thinking there batman with the spraypaint idea.

if we keep a chat going on here we should be able to bump up a few peoples post counts lol.

Anyone planning on going to any of the gigs in Manchester? I checked out some of the schedules. I come from somewhere where I have to travel a bloody long way to get anywhere to do stuff so this is all new to me lol.

Muse, Snow patrol, Keane, All American Rejects, The Beautiful South - Yes I like the Beautiful South, they are pretty good. Quite a few bands playing in Manchester. I havent checked out Leeds yet.
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i defiantly want to see keen in concert. and also feeder. dont know if there on. but theres loads of trips and stuff organised by the students union! well just have to keep our eyes open!

hey ill be able to go as your guardian! l.m.a.o
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18+ do not need guardians :p:

Feeder is alrite I guess, they have a few good songs...
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i know man. i was just taking the pi** out of my self lol!

im tired i wanna go to bed!
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lol just 3 more posts jay... just 3 more...
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Im going to see All American Rejects and New Found Glory end of this year in Manchester:smile:
Snow Patrol had sold out grrr.
Leeds is great for gigs esp. local bands, if u love gigs try the Cockpit or the open air gigs in Millenium Square! They r really good:smile:
And dont forget Huddersfield too it has loads of small venues like Bar 120 and the Vic:smile:
I sympathise I live in Dewsbury the smallest town ever full of chavs so I travel to gigs lots too:smile: If anyone ever asks u to go there make excuses lol.
Vixy x
This enough spamming lol?
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damn it you git vixy, I well want to see AAR. Not that I am a fangirl or anything, just always wanted to see them play lol.

cambridgeshire doesnt get any large decent bands play, once in a while out of nowhere we may get one or two come to corn exchange in cambridge which is a good half hour to an hours drive away.

You can never spam enough, but make sure you get some sleep otherwise you won't have the enery to carry on tomorrow lol
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On the topic of results, I got a text [yes, a text] from Hudds saying I'd got in. This was about an hour before I went to college to find out my actual grades. That did take away a looooot of worrying!

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