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Rargh just scanned a load of pics that I took when I was on work experience in year 10:

Was the best work experience could possibly get I think lol.
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Was that seriously your work experience?! Or am i just being gullible? I thought the health and safety rules were that you couldn't be any further than 2 metres from the ground!

I had to endure 2 weeks of the town hall archives. No fun at all to be had there. Plus it was in the old police cells, so i was scared that i'd mysteriously be locked away by a phantom officer.

This is the fastest the thread has been moving in a good few weeks, when i was just a mere lurker.
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lol yeah its rather active.

And yeah I did a week work experience in HSBC bank and the second week I worked as a desk watch keeper (checking weather and plotting out the paths royal/celebs were flying so the pilots were aware when they briefed before going out to fly)

I got to fly the planes too and with out any notice, the instructor gave me control after pulling 2 loops and told me to pull 2 myself. Kinda crapped myself a bit thinking I was going to screw up but I mananged :smile:

You okay then? upto much today?
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Afternoon / Evening electro :smile:

Mike - sounds a reet canny work experience :smile:
Evening to both of you two!
Well mike, i am throughly jealous that you actually had fun at your work experience placement!
I'm up to nothing for the rest of the day thank god. I think i just want to go to bed now, i feel pants! Oh and the sun lasted all day here, which was erm....unusual.

How are the both of you this fine evening?!
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I am guessing you have been at work? lol

still tired, still bored... lazy'in around all day is just hardwork I tell ya!

I just got a hamster... called scruffy. Don't have a clue why my mum got it, another poop machine. Was up for adoption at pets at home and mum was getting guinepig food.

Hamster is kinda funky, doesn't seem nochturnal as of yet and he is really fluffy. I'll take a photo of him later
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How are the both of you this fine evening?!
I am good now I am getting fed :smile:

Huge bread-bun / baguettey thing full of bacon does me nicely :biggrin:
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mmmm bacon.

I have chicken cheese+ham kieves with chips and baked beans heh.
No, i had the day off today, just still feeling the effects of late last night i'm afraid!

Wow i used to have a hamster called moose. I don't know why. He died inside an empty jam jar bottle, and went stiff so we couldn't shake him out of it, so he had to be buried in it. They were bleak times!
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lol awww. I don't think the heat helps when you are not feeling 100%

poor poor hamster. he probably went in the jar to be alone as he was getting on a bit?
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Mam wanted a dog, but me and dad said no. However, we both had an idea (its dangerous when us two put our brains together!) - I got mam a teddy bear dog and dad got her a robot dog :biggrin:
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lmfao Anth. I did that with one of my girly friends. Her mum wouldn't allow animals in the house, I bought her a lifesize teddy dog of a puppy lab on valentines day.

My household is like a bloody farm/zoo...

Jack Russle, Cat, Guinepig, Fish, My wee brother and now the hamster.
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Its the common sense way aa tell ye! :biggrin:
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Evening all! :smile:
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Evenin' Jay
Reply 955
how we all doing?

you not up to much tonight?

im dying to go out! just trying to rally the troops up but they dont seem intrested.

I think there must be some secret party where they dont want me lol
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Evening Jay :smile:

Up to not much tonight - planning my journey to the airshow now (got all me bus timetables out) then I might get some Wiki work done :smile:
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lol. what time the red arrows kicking the show off 2moro. bout dinner time isnt it. i think its 12:30 on sunday! im more interested in seeing the eurofighter!
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Its 1 -> 5 tomorrow, 12:30 -> 4:30 on Sunday.

Not particularly fussed about seeing anything in particular, just want to get out the house!

Anyhoo - Huddersfield talk!

My household is like a bloody farm/zoo...

Jack Russle, Cat, Guinepig, Fish, My wee brother and now the hamster.

We have three huge dogs and two mangy cats. I know how you feel!

I wish i felt like going out tonight. There is a madness tribute band on and they are hilarious. Plus its an excuse to dance like a one legged unicorn (??!)

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