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lol sh*t! great 1st impression there for me lol! my apologies to you jo!

well im going to go and get showerd shaved and the rest of it and going to go out! cant be doing with sitting on my arse all day!

ill be back in an hour!
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
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Evening all :smile:

Back from the airshow, and lucky for me the rain held off until I was back on the bus. Missed the red arrows like thanks to needing plenty of time to get across Sunderland. Doubt theres nowt new from a couple of years ago, so I didnt miss owt :smile:

Tomorrow should see me get some more stuff for shipping out to Hudds, probably me bergen and some sheets, possibly look at a new laptop for the "parents" too :smile:
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Evenin' Anth...

Anything interesting happen at the show at all?

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Evening Mike.

Nae crashes, but the Hercules nearly went over on its back it pulled up that fast. Plenty of kids screaming at the noise like.

Bergen = huge rucksack = my way of getting everything I need home for holls without dragging a holdall or case around with me (and up that hill to the station!) :smile:
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Aah yeah duh, I know what you are on about now lol. *feels like an idiot*

Rather quiet in the thread today. Hmmm.
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Now I am around for a few hours it will pick up :biggrin:

*expects thread to die now*
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*notices the tumbleweed rolling along the floor...*
Hi people:smile:
Kobrakai - yay someone else whos doin media:smile: I love the building its what persuaded me to go to Hudd!!! And think it was u who said they wer goin to Salou - I just got back it was great! U have to go to Port Aventura theme park!
And I cannot wait to c AAR! Jealous of whoever is off to go c Lostprophets too saw them 2 yrs ago and they r best band Iv seen live!!!

Vixy x

Yeah I've been there before, been to the theme park too.
That was also me. They haven't announced their next tour yet, but it's definetly end of November-ish time. I've seen them 8 times already.
Also whoever said the girls were out for the evening last night, I wasn't! I was still in work at 9pm!
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I think that was me?

Anyway awwww. where do you work?

I found out a little while ago I have managed to get some work for tomorrow. Day before I go on holiday, how fun. Got to go meet a client and design some new graphic stuff for their company or something. Should get some holiday money :biggrin:
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How ru all?
I still havent recovered from last night meh
But I did buy pink tupperware today yay lol! Think I was still drunk at that point hehe.
Vixy x
Starbucks. 'Cept mine's in a Borders and all Borders stay open till 10pm, meaning we've gotta stay open till 9.30pm. It sucks, but it pays. So I shouldn't really complain :p:
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lol you went to a tupperware party vixy?

unlucky emma, though you have plenty of caffein there to keep you awake
Yup, which I'm only allowed to drink on my break!
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argh what, that is no good!
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Afternoon all! Been wandering around the north-east today - went to Sunderland then Teesside looking for an Argos that had the bergen actually in stock and we checked out laptops. Things are looking up in the laptop world for me :biggrin:

Oh, and got a HUGE plate (loads deeper than the other plates) that is needed for my size meals :smile:

Hows everyone else?
Hey Anth! i'm bored :tongue:
Loads of people on here are buying laptops for uni... I'm just gonna take my PC :smile:
I think I'm gonna have to do some uni shopping this week, i havent bought anything yet, and reading all the posts on here is getting me excited :p: hehe
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Hi BR :smile:

May as well get some shopping for Uni done before results day - the shops will be empty of everything important for Uni from the afternoon of the 17th :P

I see you've found the thread about getting stuff for Uni. Some people over there are nearly finished! :eek:
Yeah! i should be taking advantage of the fact i dont have to wait for results or anything, i've got an unconditional place so im DEFINATELY going to hudds in sept :p:
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Well get on with it! :smile:

I found something to keep me entertained for an hour - a mate wants summat on his photography forum bug testing so its time to do what I do best - break forums :biggrin:

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