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Reply 1080
when does storthes open for the moving in and that?
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
Reply 1081
16th and 17th for us lot. earlier for over sea studets.
Reply 1082
great stuff...l'll be moving in on the sixteenth then :tongue: sooner the better
Reply 1083
I just recieved a letter from Huddersfield...

'Dear Student...' haha awsome.

Contains information on two open days. Well, Saturday is an open day for potential 2007 students, and there is a programme of events for us first years on Sunday.

Link that was in the letter:

Although nothing is on there yet, keep a look out :smile:
Reply 1084
so were moving in on sunday and the saturday is for potential 2007 students?
Reply 1085
no no, we can move in on 16th or 17th :smile: those dates are related to the university....
Reply 1086
ya i got that letter too. im going to go to the welcome day on the sunday will b moving in on the saturday yay
Reply 1087
yeah same here.. move in saturday, get rid of parents... welcome day sunday. lol
I just got an e-mail from the accomodation offices, as i asked to be moved to a quiet room (I know, i'm a total wimp....i just need my sleep!) and they said that they haven't even allocated people rooms yet! We go in less than three weeks, are they unorganised or what??!

I think that i should take a trip down there and whip them into shape!
Reply 1089
god i know i can just see us not getting anything til about 2 days before we are sposed to go and we are all panicking lol. would really be awesome if any of us ended up in same block boothroyd is apparently great
Reply 1090
I havent got that letter yet Mike but it will probably show up sometime soon.

Adele - I think thats what happened last year - naebody got anything until a week and a half before :rolleyes:
Reply 1091
Carly, were they okay about changing room preferences? I can't remember what details I put down and I think i would prefer to be in the more quiet areas too lol
Reply 1092
I just got my letter and a letter telling me what days my student loan will be paid and how much I will be getting.
Reply 1093
Mike - I changed from premium to standard with no problems so I think it would only be a pain if you decided the week before moving.

Jason - I've been expecting a letter like that for a while now (its been on SFD site for over a week) so if they are finally showing up it should be here soon enough :smile:
Reply 1094
I just sent them an email...

I am still awaiting my loan forms and my bloody railcard... taking their time >.<
Mike, they were totally fine about it. I think as long as you e-mail them asap before they start allocating rooms for people then they will be able to change your preferences without a hitch!!!
Reply 1096
kool thanks :smile: will just have to wait for a reply then. :smile:
Reply 1097
Just got a reply confirming my preferences woo.

Aparently they are swamped with mail coming in lol as I asked if they could confirm whether they recieved my cheque for my deposit and booking fee to which they said they cannot tell yet lol.
Reply 1098
I got a receipt last week telling me they had received a cheque for the deposit and booking fee. The cheque hasn't been cashed though.
Reply 1099
Received another reply from them confirming they have my cheque and license agreement forms. So I guess I will be getting a receipt and so on through the mail soon to.

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