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Reply 140
lol, traveling i've got my dad coming down in the estate and me following him in my mini, what will i fit in my car, my toothbrush probably! :biggrin:
Students at University of Huddersfield
University of Huddersfield
if you lucky!! hehe! totally random - but does anyone know what times the gym at Storthes opens and closes?

Anna xxx
Reply 142
he he he. maybe we should use the old style torture 'TALK!' he hehe.....
Reply 143
lol...the gym ummm opening times

Mon-Fri 7am-11pm
Sat & Sun 10am - 10pm

Membership is £89 for the year...not too bad!
Reply 144
yeah, i went for the single premium room coz it includes membership, and internet connection and stuff! woo! though, i havnt been to a gym before....will u help me?!
yeh i got that room as well, i have to go to the gym at least 5 times a week or i feel crap! don't worry bout not having been before, its well easy ... once you get into it!

Anna xxx
Reply 146
he he he....bit self conscious too though lol....ahhhhh lol. i figured, new place, start gym, no one knows me :smile: u can help me ! he he he
of course i will help! no need to feel self conscious though... i meen everyone goes to the gym to feel better don't they. i used to feel like that but i love it now! and it opens till 11pm so plenty of time! i hope theres somes fitties working there as well hehe!!

Anna xxx
Reply 148
lol! i would say that, but i have a boyfriend :smile: :love:
lol... yeh a good idea that you don't say that then! well its gona be wicked .. just looked at whats happening on the Freshers Week thing, and one night you have to dress up as Britney or a Geek! sounds awsome!

Anna xxx
Reply 150
My friend heard from her university yesterday or 2day?? and got a big info pack about everythin and she goes on saturday. maybe it'll be similar for us?? is the britney/geek thing definatly happening??? do we get celebs comin to freshers week? lol! questions! I wanna go to a gym but i have a feeling the storthes one will be busy so i mite try and find another one. and a job after a few weeks.
Reply 151
theres a gym at the uni if u wonna go that one! hehe. dress up sounds good....and amusing, though, im not blonde lol.....
Reply 152
If thats true I mite go as a geek!! just to be different instead of a slaggy britney...not that everyone who goes as her will be slaggy!! Hmmm i dunno
yeh all the girls will be getting their little black mini skirts out for that night, and maybe a few guys will as well! lol

Anna xxx
Reply 154
If anyone rings the digs people about our lack of stuff , would they post it here please :smile:, i sent my deposit and stuff off ages ago and not heard anything from them. Anyone else doing Drama btw?
Reply 155
You should recieve your half of the agreement soon, if not by tomorrow i would ring them up as I got mine monday. I didn't opt for the premium room, although i wish i did now, wonder if its too late.

Reply 156
lol you lot make me feel old :frown: But yes, ill be bringing my bucket of a corsa up (though may send it back down south if costs out weighs use etc) - and yes, ill be bringing beer, non of that aussie piss or wife beater - some propper stuff like corona or sol (or bud if i can keep it cold) :cool:

eitherway, im glad im not the only one that has signed up to the gym - over the last year ive got man boobs, to be fair ive had a bit of the old man boob thing for years, but still... :eek: so need rid of those....though i have a feeling ill use it for about a month and find the cheap beer at the union more inviting lol

ive still yet to pack or get everything :frown: Though i have a few days from work to sort that :smile:
Btw, anyone getting insurance (should be obvious tbh) - if so, who are you going with? as i need to sort that out.

Ive yet to hear about my room though - got the contract months back aswell as info back, i take it it is this week we hear about rooms?

Reply 157
i dunno when, i got mine back ages ago, has anyone else got their timetable yet? but the digs people are annoying now! he he! need a room number, i have my half of my contract confirmation back
nope - i havn't got my time table yet - or anything else as it happens ... but i wish they would send something soon!!
Reply 159
me three, no point worrying about it, i'm going a week on saturday whatever! :biggrin:

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