Is the media to blame for the increase of Anorexia Nervosa within adolescents?

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I am currently doing an EPQ project for one of my A-levels, on the topic "Is the media responsible for the increase of anorexia within teenagers?". For my research I would love to add other individuals perspectives who have views or personal experiences within this topic.

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I think the causes of eating disorders are complex. Too complex to pin down on the media. It may have an indirect influence, though. If you look at papers like the Daily Mail, who point out every little perceived flaw in celebrities, and if you look at articles about how obesity is a problem, which in turn has made fat-shaming acceptable, and if beauty = being slim, even thin, then this can leave an impression.

For me, though, it wasn't the media that triggered an eating disorder. I didn't have anorexia nervosa but purging disorder, and I think it was a way of punishing myself for all my perceived flaws, feeling unloved etc. The people I know who did/do suffer from anorexia nervosa have similar feelings. The thing is, when you suffer from it, you know that it isn't rational, but it soon takes over and all rationality goes out of the window. It becomes a compulsion. I was lucky that one day I truly realised what I was doing and it was a wake-up call. I wasn't magically cured, but it was the first step towards recovery. I haven't had a slip-up in quite a few months now, so yay.

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