Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions released an hour ago on Steam and I thought I'd but in a little thread about it!

Geometry Wars returns for another installment of my favourite twin-stick shoot-em-up. It's bright colours, electronic soundtrack and frenetic gameplay all return from the previous installments, but this time there is one big difference...

It's got 3D worlds!

To start off, this might not sound a big deal, but it totally changes the game. Playing through adventure mode lets you try out different shapes to play the game on. From a sphere to a column to a weird twisted plane, a cube to a peanut each new shape brings a new challenge to the game and it's a refreshing change from the first two games. The introduction of new enemy types and boss battles really mixes things up!

Speaking of which, there are still all the game type (aside from the pattern game) from the 2nd installment of this game so PC gamers will finally see what the fuss was about last time around.

The graphics have been over-hauled and each enemy shape is now rendered in a glorious 3D manner. It's a lovely realisation of the game and it really feels like it's reaching the pinnacle of its initial concept.

Online multiplayer has also been introduced this time - a much welcomed feature, though one I've not had a chance to explore yet.

Veterans of the series will feel immediately at home on GW3, whilst new-comers will gaze in awe at the high scores on the global leaderboards! The highly responsive controls have made it to this version and it's as fun to play as ever!

There's still a lot for me to explore, and I shall do that more over the next week, that's for sure! Just one more go methinks...


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