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    What are they?

    How do you recognise?

    When do I use it?

    How is it different from English?

    The Accusative case is when something is being done to an object e.g. the boy kicked the ball - the ball would be in the accusative because it is being kicked.

    Your nominative articles are: der die das die/ ACCUSATIVE changes to DEN die das die (only changes in the masculine) e.g. siehst du den alten mann? (have you seen the old man?)

    Dative is the 'to' case, you use it to say you are doing something to something. the articles are DEM/DER/DEM/DEN

    I remember the endings as MRMN (Mister Men)

    For example, I am writing to you (formal) Ich schreibe Ihnen would be an example of when you can also use the dative.

    You also have prepositions which take either the accusative or dative and some are mixed -

    an/auf/hinter/in/neben/ueber/unter/vor/zwischen are the mixed prepositions. When there is movement, you use the accusative, if there is no movement, you use the dative. E.g. Der Ball ist auf dem Tisch.

    FUDGEBO (fuer/um/durch/gegen/entlang/bis/ohne) after this, you would use the accusative

    aus/ausser/bei/gegenueber/mit/nach/seit/von/zu all take the dative

    Some verbs and expressions also use the dative and accusative e.g. Es ist mir egal (I don't care) or when you want to say I feel hot/cold - mir ist heiss/kalt (ich bin heiss/kalt doesn't mean the same thing).
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Updated: November 29, 2014

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