Sixth Form or College? (Future in fashion)

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Hello. I need answer so I can sort out my choices.

I have to do foundation diploma to get into Central Saint Martins or London College of Fashion but I don't know if I can do A Levels in Fashion and/or Textiles and it's going to be foundation too or you can only do foundation course at the College.

I don't know what's the difference between these courses at Sixth Form and College. I'm not really interested in College and I heard it's better to do A Levels anyway. Basically I should do A Levels at Sixth Form and of course in subjects I want which is Fashion and/or Textiles but then, what's with this foundation diploma that I need? Sixth Form does offer it? Or you have to do it at College? So like in this case I have to do A Levels in subjects of my choice but also foundation course? And at College?

Correct me if I am wrong and what's the best choice.
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At a sixthform college, it'll be doing alevels in fashion or textiles, and also art and design alevel as well another one or two alevel subjects (4 minimum in total, you can drop one subject for the second yr of alevels) . At an uni college, you do a foundation course which is more focused on your chosen subject but some unis don't accept people who've only done foundation courses and no alevels. Only a few unis accept students to do a degree from a foundation course qualification. People who do foundation courses are usually those with poor alevels.

Art colleges are not part of UCAS, you can apply any time as long as you have a good extensive portfolio and you can apply to as many as you want. Usually people apply after alevels because after alevels, you have more variety in your portfolio and it's more built up and more mature artwork.

Maybe you should try doing alevels first, if you don't do well you still have the option of doing a foundation course. If you do a foundation course and don't get into a uni, then there's a problem. It'll be hard to go back and do alevels then.

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