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    Ok this is a slight spin off of my men are turning soft thread

    Ive heard more than enough times that its good to speak about your problems blah blah blah and men should be encouraged to do it.
    Me personally ive never seen the point so i want to understand.
    This is not me mocking you btw just generally interested.
    Men who do this what are the benefits of speaking to people?
    What do you gain from it.
    Also how does it stop things like suicide?

    Talking about your problems is a good way of actually dealing with the problems, rather than bottling them up. It is incredibly unhealthy to bottle up ones emotions and problems as it puts a great strain on the mind.

    In talking over your problems one can often gain insight from another person's point of view. This can help you to see that there are solutions which you may not have even considered. Also is give you the ability to "share the load" if you will. By talking through your issues it can be very relieving that someone understands and that you are not facing these troubles alone. Being alone is not fun, having someone to help is very reassuring.

    In certain situations simply "manning up" is not applicable. Some problems are more complex than that and should be treated as so. Many men who kills themselves do so because they feel that they are alone, nobody loves them and they will not be missed when they are gone. However in speaking to others this is not the case, it shows them that somebody does care and that they be missed greatly.

    I hope this has cleared things up for you. I have experienced some very low times but talking through my issues has allowed me to move on have a very good life. If I had not sought help when I did, I too would have become another statistic.
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