First Exam Tomorrow and compulsorary rant about timetabling

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Hang Hang Zhang
Report 18 years ago
Well, I spoke with my IB co-ordinator and she has NFI what IB are going
to do about special consideration but her guess is jack all but what are
you going to do?

Anyway, I start exams tomorrow so here is my rrant about how the exams
are scheduled.

Firs of all, I start off this luverly process with THREE exams on the
first day, just to set me going, If I was dong HL eco, I would be doing
FOUR exams as I know 2 people in our school are. Not only that, but the
3 exams are Spanish ab initio Paers 1 and 2 as well as Economics Paper
1, my 2 most dreaded subjects on the first day, what fun!. I mean,
sciences there is a set sylabus and when your ready, your ready but with
languages you can never be completely ready so they dish em up first,
how thoughtful.

Eco I am slightly more confident about but the Data response is going to
kill me simply because I am not used to spelling out EVERY litlle
OBVIOUS detail to the examiners so that they can tick a box and give me
a mark. I mean, on one of the subject reports for eco, the examiner said
that this years candidates "relied too much on common sense and not
enough on economic theory" LOL.

Anyway, right after eco comes english which means that I get all THREE
of my non-sciences/maths dished up first (coincidentally, they are also
my 3 SL subjects )

After a gruelling english paper from which my hand emerges absolutly
buggered, I have to contend with another 2 hours of maths, who the hell
decided that maths HL should go for 5 hrs???

Any way, after maths come chems papers 1, 2 AND 3. 3 bloody papers and
only the middle one really counts.

then, sweet bliss, a whole 4 day break before physics, Too bad that I
wont have anything to STUDY during those 4 day since physics is my best
subject, if they put Spanish there then at least I could get some work
done. % bloody straight days of exams then they give you 4 days off to
study for a subject you know back to front.

This really is a piss poor exam time table

<small print> the above comments may or may not reflect the actual
opinions of the author and are placed merely to fufil certain
traditional obligations of people going into IB exams. The author takes
no responsibility for any offence given by this article and will even go
so far as to deny that he ever wrote such a piece.</small print
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