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I was with this guy for 3 years, since I was 15 but then I started uni and it all went wrong. Basically, we were arguing loads even before I went and I was getting kind of bored of our relationship. So, I broke up with him. He was heartbroken but because I was having such an awesome time at uni, I didn't really care (I know that sounds bad!) and I started to sleep around with guys in my halls. But, now, I really miss him! I've unblocked his number in hope he will try and contact me again but I don't know if this will work :/
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Why would he randomly try to contact you all of a sudden? If you blocked his number I'm guessing he'd have got the message that you didn't want anything more to do with him. If you want something with him, talk to him first and see if you get a response. But, please take his feelings into consideration.. My personal opinion is that it's selfish of you to expect him to talk to you after breaking up with him and hurting him so much - let him get on with his life.

In September my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me for the same reason and we haven't spoke since. I'm finally getting over it and I know if he randomly spoke to me again, I'd be in pieces as it would ruin all the progress I was making on getting over him because I still have feelings for him. If your ex is anything like me, it'll probably hurt him more in the long run than just leaving him alone to let him get over your relationship.

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