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Is it possible to go through University without relying on parents for money? watch

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    Me and my parents haven't got the best of relationships and I am wondering whether it is possible to get through university without lending money from your parents? I have hoping to get a student loan and an NHS bursary additionally, I am hoping that I will be able to get myself a part time job, will this be enough? Any help really would be gratefully appreciated.

    I live off of £7200 a year at the moment, that is rent, bills, food, alcohol. It would be more comfortable having around £9000 in all honesty.

    Hope this gives you a rough idea.

    the student loan only cover the university tuition , the accommodation rent will vary according to your place and you are the only one who can control your personal expenses

    one more thing , part time work are sometimes limited to students (only 20 hours a week) . and require extreme time management to avoid failing in your studies

    good luck

    I am in similar position, even though I get along with my parents but as mature student, I don't feel I am able to keep asking for their help financially. I am also hoping to get an NHS bursary for tuition cost and for living. The NHS says that the bursary is not meant to be your only source of income, but SFE won't help me (because its a MSc course) and my uni doesn't recommend students working because of the intensity of the course, so Im stuck!

    Here are a few of my ideas,

    Through research I think around £7000 is enough to live on, its not going to be easy but its doable.

    Try and save as much as you can now. I am even buying certain things in bulk, so that I don't have to buy them for a while, (toiletries, stationary etc, things that won't perish)

    Even though I hate the word 'entitled' check to see if your able to get any benefits.

    If you have a disability, make a claim for DSA, amongst other you can get money for photocopying, books etc, (every little helps!)

    Try and get a job, as your studying a health related course, try HCA, its not paid well, but its great experience, you can work a variety of hours, i.e. weekends only or long days (so starting at 7am ending at 9pm, its all day but you might only have to work one shift per week, rather then a 4hour shift in retail).

    Get a student account with an interest free overdraft, i don't recommend going into debt but if you have to, then this is the best way.

    Hope this is helpful


    so yes I think you can go through uni without relying on your parents, but there are lots of things to research and do, to make sure that your getting the most money possible and getting the most out of your money, i.e., walking instead of paying for the bus, buying own brand foods instead of brands, not buying all of the books on the reading list, only what its essential etc

    Unlikely unless you are entitled to a grant.
    The point is meant to be the poorer get a loan & grant, and as incomes rise the more parents contribute till no grant is given. I live off around 10k a year comfortably, accommodation is extremely expensive here.
    I mean if you share or have cheap housing and scrimp on everything sure. I personally would not want to risk my degree doing a PT job, I'd ask because if they have enough to contribute; that's what they're meant to do.

    have a bit extra will make you more comfortable but plenty of people don't receive financial help from their parents, you just have to be sensible about what you have and not live beyond your means
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