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    Hi, I am after some advice about AQA A2 french revision (or just french revision in general). Basically at the moment I am feeling really unconfident and stressed with french. I was aiming to get a B in AS and I was getting Bs consistently on the past papers last year, however the June 2014 A2 AQA exam was very hard. Everyone in my class got lower than expected and I remember reading on here that people found it hard here too. I ended up getting a D on that exam and a B in speaking, which ended up with me getting a C overall for AS french. This is what started to make me feel unconfident.

    I am currently doing the A2 course and I will be resitting the AS written exam in the summer along with doing the A2 written and speaking exams.

    At the moment I feel that I'm having trouble with revising vocab. Sometimes random vocab easily goes into my head without any practice. However, often when I practice vocab (normally by copying it out or doing a little test with myself) it doesn't always stick in my head for long. To be honest I feel the main problem is actually knowing how to write it, as often I know how to say it but get really frustrated not being able to remember how it is spelt. I particularly feel that I can't remember where certain accents go and what type of accent it is.

    Another problem is generally having detailed ideas on the topics in order to be able to write about them or have a debate. For example, in the environment topic the only ideas I have is if I would have to debate whether cars should be banned in towns. For the rich and poor topic, I have hardy any ideas, I only really can talk about whether you should give money to beggars or not.

    Finally my last worry is regarding resitting the AS written exam. What would be the best way to revise the AS topics? I feel overwhelmed and I am worried that my ideas about each of the AS topics won't come back. Although I have plenty of notes from last year as well as the AS AQA textbook. At least last year I would have ideas fresh in my mind about the AS topics because I had lessons on them.

    Overall I am aiming for a B for french A level. I am hoping that I can get a B in the AS written exam resit and a B this year for the A2 course. My teachers seem to be fairly confident that I can get a B. Please give me any advice you have.

    Hi there,

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    Listening to French radio for at least 15 minutes a day really gets you used to the speed of delivery of French, but also how to pronounce words! France info is the best radio station for this as it is purely talking 24/7!

    I also recommend reading the news in french as often as possible to get used to facts and figures and also vocabulary. I sometimes watch the news in french to see how much I can pick out!

    I have a notebook where I write down words I come across in the text book or past papers that I don't know so I can then translate them into English and learn the meaning. If words really weren't sticking in my head, I would stick them round my bedroom walls.

    As for oral french, start making model answers to possible questions you'll get asked and learn them throughout the year. Try and cram as many tenses and grammar as possible into these answers, maybe write a check list and tick off techniques as you use them. The same goes for essay topics! If you find material on the Internet you like the look of, change the phrases to fit you!

    Hope this helps, I got a B in AS last year and I'm now doing A2 (AQA). I'm always up for discussing french!

    Bonne chance!

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    I'm doing A2 French too. What are people doing for the cultural topic?

    (Original post by ekk123)
    I'm doing A2 French too. What are people doing for the cultural topic?
    Hi. I'm looking at La Haine by Kassovitz and the Occupation in France during WW2.
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