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    Quite a read , sorry

    Last Friday I was out at a club in London by myself as I really wanted to go out and my best mate bailed out on me .

    I had a blast , made some good friends and danced the night away .

    I was really social that night and had like 4 groups of people I was chatting with during the night , in one of the groups a girl came quite later and she was really quiet , as I started talking to her I was amazed at how intelligent and sassy she was , ive genuinely never met a girl so interesting and to top it off she was absolutely beautiful .

    After talking to her for a while and the club approaching its ending I told her I thought she was an amazing girl and would make a man really happy one day and went inside the club as some friends I made where going in for the last few songs and were calling me .

    As stupid as it sounds I feel like we really bonded and even though I can't have spent more then an hour or so in her conpany I feel like id love to keep her in my life , as a friend atleast if nothing else . I'm not sure if she feels as I do but in the encounter she did seem quite impressed by my manner of talking and did call me handsome ( in a way - she thought I was an actor and I said though I dabbled in acting as a kid I never thought I was handsome enough , she said I was )

    Now for some stupid reason I thought it would be fruitless to try and get her number and pursue something with her , I think its for the following reasons :

    She's at edinburgh currently , its notorious that long distance relationships dont work and I didn't want to get involved with a girl if im going to spend months talking to her through a screen . I can see myself falling hard for this girl and it will be unbearable if I don't even see her , its also likely she'll be surrounded by good looking intelligent guys so yeah . If my gap year goes well i'll be at liverpool next year but its likely im going to some ****ty polytechnic in the midlands whilst she's a trilingual , multiple instrument playing well educated girl , so i kinda felt like ****.

    Though I wasnt drunk , I was under the influence of a certain something which holds infamy for making people feel intense emotions which aren't necessarily true . Its been a few days since and I still can't get her out my head .

    So yeah , I want to get in touch with her but the knob I am , I didn't get her number and I don't have a facebook . I dont have a fb as I'm kinda conscious about how I look in images and hate the whole idea of it , but i've been intending to make one for some time . I was thinking though , even if I do find her and send her a request , wont it come off quite creepy that some guy with less then a hundred friends and like a week or two on his timeline is adding her ? If I leave it longer to gain some time and take more pictures of me going out then it will be more awkward and she will probably wonder how I even remember her name ?

    Help me out guys

    No I don't think it would at all and I think she'd actually be flattered you remember her name
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    bump , apologies for this misspelling of bump in the title and the grammatical errors throughout .
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